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He is Risen! He is Merciful and He is Sovereign

Here is an excellent sermon on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ by John Piper. See also my article last year on the Empty Tomb.  In his sermon, Pastor Piper introduces his sermon with five lines of Evidence that Jesus rose … Continue reading

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Islam denies established historical fact – the crucifixion of Jesus Christ

HT:  David Wood at Answering Muslims. Interesting that William Lane Craig quotes the late Robert Funk, one of the co-founders of the Jesus Seminar.  Robert Funk had a lot of anger at Christians who really believed the Bible, and got … Continue reading

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Injustices of the Past are not true Christianity (Crusades; Anti-Semitism, Racism, harsh treatment of American Indians, etc.)

I highly recommend this book, from one of my favorite preachers.   Scroll down and see that is available in many languages, including Arabic, Farsi, Turkish, Amharic, Hindi, and many others. John Piper: “It is a tragedy [I would say it … Continue reading

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Book on Textual History of the Qur’an and the New Testament Compared

Textual Criticism, The New Testament, and the Qur’an, by Larry Hurtado – Larry Hurtado, a New Testament scholar, has given a review of Keith Small’s book, Textual Criticism and Qur’an Manuscripts. Link to the book itself at Amazon. James White mentioned … Continue reading

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Application of the current issues on so called “gay marriage”; with Bonhoeffer’s response to the Nazis; and Civil Rights issues in the 50s and 60’s

I made this comment at Denny Burk’s blog. This video with John Piper and Eric Metaxes – is very, very good !! All the pro “gay agenda” people who read this blog (Denny Burk’s blog on the article about the … Continue reading

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Analysis of Dr. Bart Ehrman by Dr. James White


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James White vs. Zulfiqar Ali Shah – Closing Statements


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