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The surprising final message of the British TV show “The Prisoner” (1967-1968)

The cool intro music theme, and ending theme is the first video.  This TV show fascinated me when I saw it as a young person.  It was so mysterious and cool and yet so weird and different; it left me … Continue reading

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The doctrine of the Trinity – “Trinitas Unitas” & “Unitas Trinitas”

“Trinitas Unitas” (Latin) = “three in One” = “three persons in One God” and “Unitas Trinitas” = One God in three persons”. (from the Athanasian Creed, developed in the west though the Latin theology of Tertullian and Augustine. more below) … Continue reading

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The cultural tendency of the Muslim world to cover up their sins

Paul Williams wrote: (at his old blog, no longer available)  (quoting Hamza Yusuf) “We must remember that if a person has done wrong his spiritual path is not severed. There is recourse. One seeks repentance with God. One should not confess or … Continue reading

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Muslims using Roman Catholic Apologetic Arguments

Discussion about Sola Scriptura at a Muslim blog.   (for some reason, I cannot get rid of that “1.” there at beginning – it was originally with Jonathan Doyle’s first comment in the comment box. )  Muslims are using Roman Catholic … Continue reading

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Joni Eareckson Tada – a godly woman- pointing out the double standards of new Disability Laws

Joni Eareckson’s Tada’s Wall Street Journal Op-Ed: The Double Standard of Disability Laws   We can also see how the Leftist philosophy of Obama Care is contributing to this tendency. Abortion on demand, and assisted suicide is also part of … Continue reading

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Justin Peters on the Word of Faith / Prosperity “Gospel” Movement

See more at Justin Peter’s website.

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The Case Against Ergun Caner

Anyone willing to look into the facts can see that Ergun Caner exaggerated and lied many times for several years about his background.  Some time ago, some Muslims had been documenting this, and in 2010 started giving the documentation to … Continue reading

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