Muslim distorts the parable of the unmerciful servant of Matthew 18:23-35

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Apologetics and Agape

Muslims have a seed of the teaching of substitutionary ransom sacrifice in their own Qur’an, Surah 37:107 – “We have ransomed him with a mighty sacrifice”.  When Allah stopped Ibrahim from killing his son, Allah provided a substitutionary sacrifice – a ransom, an atonement – which the Qur’an got from Genesis 22, and which was a prophesy and foreshadowing of the Messiah Jesus to come.   This is a Turkish post card, produced by a Muslim group in Turkey, celebrating the “Kurban Bayrami” (Feast of Sacrifice) – (“Eid e Ghorban” – Farsi = عید قربان ) or “Eid Al Adha” – Arabic – عید الاضحی ).  You can see the Turkish that says, “Hazrat Ibrahim offers his son Ismael as a human sacrifice.”  Muslims think it was Ishmael, even though the text of the Qur’an never mentions him in that context.  But we know it was Isaac from Genesis 22…

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