Iraqi Muslim TV host breaks down at the plight of Christians in Iraq by IS / ISIS barbarians

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2 Responses to Iraqi Muslim TV host breaks down at the plight of Christians in Iraq by IS / ISIS barbarians

  1. θ says:

    It is unbelievably a daring rebellion against Prophet Muhammad himself who said emphatically on Christ’s Golden Rule:

    Abu Dawud, Hadith 3052.
    Allah’s Messenger said: “If anyone wrongs a man with whom a covenant has been made, or curtails any right of his, or imposes on him more than he can bear, or takes anything from him without his ready agreement, I shall be his adversary on the day of resurrection.”

  2. θ says:

    Situation and condition of Moslems in the West is like in Mekkah’s epoch when the Sharia Law is not in the possibility to be a penal code.

    What the West feared most is not the civilian Moslems who don’t not have a reason to harm anyone. The West’s enemy is not either the local undemocratic regimes in Middle East. They just concern solely about a calm and statism to maintain succession and dynasty. As long as the regimes practice conservatism, feed the people, pay tribute to the West, et cetera, any rebellion is out of question.
    One of the best achievement of Saudi Arabia for decades is to make Saudis demilitarize themselves. One of the best achievement of the West’s counterterrorism throughout Middle East to make the regimes follow a dictation of blaming Arabs themselves of bombing their own people while in fact it’s carried out by the West’s paid agents.

    War of Syria and Iraq is the long time project to exterminate the “Lost Generation”, that is the remnants of the toppled regimes who endured West’s embargoes, sectarian wars with neighbouring states, and supporters of old time tyranny.

    What the West is afraid most is the criminal organisation. The remnants of the toppled regimes have no way to survive except living a criminal life.

    What is existent in the Moslem world is a dangerous criminal organisation from the toppled regimes. If someday ISIS (Ba’athists) or Alawites were toppled, the remnants shall have plunged into the dark world of crime. They would serve new masters, and would metamorphose to be criminal organisation:
    – kidnapping and human trafficking.
    – drug dealers.
    – anarchists.
    – ring of prostitution.
    – black market of arms dealing.
    – bombing (by being member of the local underground terrorism).

    For certain as a part of their vendetta to the new Arab regime (who replaced them), to show anger toward civilian Moslems (whom they victimised when they were in power), and to express revenge against the civilised world (who despised them), they would not hesitate to humiliate and blame Arabs, as well as to incur inhumane devastation in the public places.

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