Bart Ehrman’s argumentation would also show Islam and the Qur’an not true

Some Muslim put together a video that shows famous liberal skeptic and agnostic, Bart Ehrman’s arguments against the inerrancy and preservation and reliability of the Bible. 

But if a Muslim thinks Ehrman is right; then the Muslim has also destroyed Islam, because:
1. The Qur’an affirms the Injeel, the Torah, Zobur, at the time of Muhammad (570-632 AD). (Surah 5:46-47; 5:68; 10:94; 2:136; 29:46; 3:3-4; 6:34; 6:115-116; 10:64-65; 18:27)
2. The Qur’an says the disciples of Jesus became uppermost and victorious (Surah 3:55; 61:14)  If the disciples of Jesus became the uppermost and victorious, this means that the Muslim claim that the apostle Paul and Trinitarian Christian did not hijack original Christianity, but that the apostle Paul, the apostle John and the other writings of the NT, and Trinitarian Christianity, actually are the original truth of Jesus Christ and His apostles.

so your argument fails.

Paul Bilal Williams wrote:
May 27, 2015 • 5:52 pm
“so your argument fails.” LOL! you are funny Ken. This post is about the Bible not any other religion.

Ken I do think Bart is right. Why don’t you? And I am still waiting for the good historical evidence that Jesus’ disciple Matthew actually wrote ‘Matthew’..

Ken Temple
May 27, 2015 • 5:56 pm
Paul, how do you explain the facts that:
1. The author of the Qur’an writes as if the Injeel and Torah are not corrupted at the time of the Qur’an. (all those verses above)
2. The author of the Qur’an says the disciples of Jesus were true believers, trustworthy and became the uppermost and victories and manifest. (Surah 3:55; 61:14)

How do you explain that?

Paul Bilal Williams wrote:

Ken I do not explain that. It is irrelevant. You have hijacked this post with your usual agenda. Any more off topic comments will be deleted.

Paul B. Williams does not explain it because he cannot explain it.  What I have written is not off topic, but rather is absolutely relevant to Islam and the Qur’an, for if Ehrman is right that the Bible was corrupted decades after the NT books were written, then Islam and the Qur’an are also not true.

By the way, Dan Wallace gives a reasonable defense of the Gospel according to Matthew and Matthew, the disciple of Jesus, as the author of this gospel. 

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