Rabbi Admits that the Day of Atonement is parallel to Jesus Christ!

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In this lecture, beginning at around the 1:29:00 mark (between the one hour and 29 minute mark and 1 hour 32 minute mark)- Rabbi Michael Skobac admits that the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur = יום כפר ) of Leviticus 16 is the closest parallel to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ!  He tried to argue that Jesus did not fulfill the Passover the Sacrifice, yet the New Testament teaches just that.  (John 1:29; 1 Corinthians 5:7)  Jesus fulfilled the passover lamb also, as “not a bone of him was broken”. (see Exodus 12:46 and John 19:33, 36)  One of the most amazing things he says is that the Passover sacrifice has nothing to do with sin!  Really?  The idolatry and the false gods of Egypt was not sin?  The Passover sacrifice was a judgment against the idolatry and false gods of Egypt. (Exodus 12:12)  Only by the substitutionary sacrifice of…

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I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I am a sinner who has been saved by the grace of God alone (Ephesians 2:8-9), through faith alone (Galatians 2:16; Romans 3:28; 4:1-16), in Christ alone (John 14:6). But a true faith does not stay alone, it should result in change, fruit, good works, and deeper levels of repentance and hatred of my own sins of selfishness and pride. I am not better than you! I still make mistakes and sin, but the Lord is working on me, conforming me to His character. (Romans 8:28-29; 2 Corinthians 3:16-18) When I do sin, I hate the sin as it is an affront to God, and seek His forgiveness in repentance. (Mark 1:15; 2 Corinthians 7:7-10; Colossians 3:5-16 ) Praise God for His love for sinners (Romans 5:8), shown by the voluntary coming of Christ and His freely laying down His life for us (John 10:18), becoming flesh/human (John 1:1-5; 1:14; Philippians 2:5-8), dying for sins of people from all nations, tribes, and cultures (Revelation 5:9), on the cross, in history, rising from the dead (Romans 10:9-10; Matthew 28, Mark 16:1-8; Luke 24; John 20-21; 1 Corinthians chapter 15). His resurrection from the dead proved that Jesus is the Messiah, the eternal Son of God, the word of God from eternity past; and that He was all the gospels say He was and that He is truth and the life and the way to salvation. (John 14:6)
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  1. Sam Shamoun says:

    Brother Ken,

    I posted this over at Paul William’s post, but I am afraid he will delete it. Therefore, I am posting the info here for your benefit, in order to use it against any Muslim who tries to question the Deity of Christ on the grounds that he prayed to God:

    Thanks Williams for proving that Allah can’t be God since Allah prayed to and worshiped God:

    They are those on whom are the prayers (salawatun) from their Lord and mercy (rahmatun), and it is they who are the guided-ones. S. 2:157

    He it is who prays (yusallee) for you and His angels too, to bring you forth out of the darkness into the light, for He is merciful to the believers. S. 33:43 Palmer

    Verily, God and His angels pray (yusalloona) for the prophet. O ye who believe! pray for him (salloo) and salute him with a salutation! S. 33:56 Palmer

    Palmer has a rather interesting footnote to Q. 33:43 regarding the Quranic usage of the Arabic word for “prays”, namely salla:

    145:1 The same word is used as is rendered ‘pray’ in ALL THE OTHER PASSAGES in the Qur’ân, though the commentators interpret it here as meaning ‘bless.’ So, too, in the formula which is always used after Mohammed’s name, zalla ’llâhu ‘alâihi wa sallam, ‘may God bless and preserve him!’ is literally, ‘may God PRAY for him and salute him!‘ (http://www.sacred-texts.com/isl/sbe09/033.htm#fn_186)

    Palmer’s comments show that Muslims have no way around the fact that their deity prays much in the same way that creatures like angels do, since the Arabic word used here always means prayer whenever it is used in the Quran.

    The hadith reports also mention Allah praying for people:

    1387. Abu Umama reported that the Messenger of Allah said, “Allah AND His angels AND the people of the heavens AND the earth, EVEN the ants in their rocks AND the fish, PRAY for blessings on those who teach people good.” [at-Tirmidhi] (Aisha Bewley, Riyad as-Salihin (The Meadows of the Righteous), Book of Knowledge, 241. Chapter: the excellence of knowledge; bold, capital and italic emphasis ours)


    2685. Abu Umamah al-Bahili narrated: “Two men were mentioned before the Messenger of Allah. One of them a worshipper, and the other a scholar. So the Messenger of Allah said: ‘The superiority of the scholar over the worshipper is like my superiority over the least of you.’ Then the Messenger of Allah said: ‘Indeed ALLAH, His Angels, the inhabitants of the heavens and the earths – even the ant in his hole, even the fish – say Salat upon the one who teaches the people to do good. (Hasan)

    [Abu ‘Eisa said:] This Hadith is Hasan Gharib Sahih… (English Translation of Jami‘ At-Tirmidhi, Compiled by Imam Hafiz ‘Eisa Mohammad Ibn ‘Eisa At-Tirmidhi, From Hadith no. 2606 to 3290, translated by Abu Khaliyl (USA), ahadith edited and referenced by Hafiz Abu Tahir Zubair ‘Ali Za’i, final review by Islamic Research Section Darussalam [Darussalam Publishers & Distributors, First Edition: November 2007], Volume 5, Chapter 19. What Has Been Related About the Superiority Of Fiqh Over Worship, p. 80 – listed as number 70 in the ALIM CD-Rom version of at-Tirmidhi’s hadith collection; capital and underline emphasis ours)

    There are additional references which acknowledge that Allah prays:

    The people of Israel said to Moses: “Does your Lord pray?” His Lord called him [saying]: “O Moses, they asked you if your Lord prays. Say [to them] ‘Yes, I do pray, and my angels [pray] upon my prophets and my messengers,’” and Allah then sent down on his messenger: “Allah and His angels pray…” (Tafsir Ibn Kathir, Q. 33:56; translated from the Arabic online edition)


    Hadith 216:

    The Israelites said to Musa: Does your Lord pray? Musa said: Fear Allah, O Sons of Israel!

    Allah said: O Musa! What did your people say? Musa said: O my Lord, You already know? They said: Does your Lord pray?

    Allah said: Tell them My prayer for My servants is that My Mercy should precede My Anger. If it were not so, I would have destroyed them. [Ibn ‘Asakir] (Al-Ahadith Al-Qudsiyyah – Divine Narratives translated by Dr. Abdul Khaliq Kazi & Dr. Alan B. Day, Section 2: Al-Ithafat Al-Saniyya Bi‘l-Ahadith Al-Qudsiyyah by Shaikh Zain al-Din Abdul Ra‘uf b. Taj al-‘Arifin b. ‘Ali b. Zayn al-‘Abidin al-Munawi [Dar Al Kitab Arabi – USA, 1995], pp. 305-306)

    The following is supposed to be a prayer of Allah taken from Ibn Hisham’s Al-Sirah Al-Halabiyya:

    قلت يا جبريل أيصلى ربك قال نعم قلت وما يقول قال يقول سبوح قدوس رب الملائكة والروح سبقت رحمتى غضبى

    I [Muhammad] said, “O Gabriel, does your Lord pray?” He said, “Yes.” I said, “What does he say?” “This is what he says. He says: ‘Glory, holy, Lord of the angels and the Spirit. My mercy overcomes my wrath.’” (Bold, underline and comments within brackets ours)

    What makes this rather amazing is that according to the Islamic sources the words salawat and salah refer to worship and glorification:

    Ibn Al-Atheer in his highly acknowledged dictionary of the Arabic language, ‘Al-Nihaayah fi Ghareeb al-Athar’ has explained “Sala’h” as follows:

    ‘Al-Sala’h’ and ‘Al-Salawaat’: used for a particular kind of worship. Its literal origin is supplication (prayer). Sometimes, ‘Sala’h’ is referred to by mentioning any one or more of its parts. It is also said that the literal origin of the word is ‘to glorify’ and the particular worship is called ‘Sala’h’, because it entails the glorification of the Lord. (The Meaning of the Word “Sala’h”, May 19, 2001; bold emphasis ours)

    Therefore, Allah can’t be God!

    Now as Ken said, it is perfectly understandable how Jesus can pray to God and still be God since he is the eternal divine Word of the Father who is personally distinct from and IN perfect communion and fellowship with God. However, how in the world could you justify Allah praying and worshiping anybody if, as you say, he is unipersonal? Do you really want us to believe that Allah worships himself?

  2. Sam Shamoun says:

    BTW, even Judaism teaches that God prays!

    R. Johanan says in the name of R. Jose: How do we know that the Holy One, blessed be He, says prayers? Because it says: Even them will I bring to My holy mountain and make them joyful in My house of prayer.1 It is not said, ‘their prayer’, but ‘My prayer’; hence [you learn] that the Holy One, blessed be He, says prayers. What does He pray? — R. Zutra b. Tobi said in the name of Rab: ‘May it be My will that My mercy may suppress My anger, and that My mercy may prevail over My [other] attributes, so that I may deal with My children in the attribute of mercy and, on their behalf, stop short of the limit of strict justice’.2 It was taught: R. Ishmael b. Elisha says: I once entered into the innermost part [of the Sanctuary] to offer incense and saw Akathriel Jah,3 the Lord of Hosts, seated upon a high and exalted throne. He said to me: Ishmael, My son, bless Me! I replied: May it be Thy will that Thy mercy may suppress Thy anger and Thy mercy may prevail over Thy other attributes, so that Thou mayest deal with Thy children according to the attribute of mercy and mayest, on their behalf, stop short of the limit of strict justice! And He nodded to me with His head. Here we learn [incidentally] that the blessing of an ordinary man must not be considered lightly in your eyes.

    1. Ibid. LVI, 7. ‘In the house of My prayer’.

    2. I.e., not exact the full penalty from them.

    3. Lit., ‘crown of God’. (Babylonian Talmud: Tractate Berakoth, Folio 7a: http://www.come-and-hear.com/berakoth/berakoth_7.html)

    This gives us an idea of why Muhammad taught that his god prays since he was simply parroting the Jews at this point.

  3. Sam Shamoun says:

    Here is my response to William’s reply to me, just in case he deletes it:

    Williams thanks for proving that you have absolutely no answer to the problem that ends up refuting your own theology, thereby exposing your own blatant inconsistencies and dishonesty:

    Fact: The God-breathed Scriptures which you appeal to teach that he is the eternal divine Word of the Father who is personally distinct from him, and therefore able to enjoy perfect communion and fellowship with God (cf. John 1:1-4). The NT further teaches that the eternal Word became flesh, i.e., an actual human being, in order to become the kind of man that God intends every human creature to be (cf. John 1:9-11, 14).

    Now the perfect man would not be an atheist or rebellious transgressor, but an individual that flawlessly obeys God’s will and renders perfect worship and service to him. Therefore, since Jesus was such a man it shouldn’t surprise us to find him worshiping and perfectly obeying his heavenly Father, doing only that which pleases him:

    “They went out of the city and came to Him. Meanwhile His disciples urged Him, saying, ‘Rabbi, eat.’ But He said to them, ‘I have food to eat of which you do not know.’ Therefore the disciples said one to another, ‘Has anyone brought Him anything to eat?’ Jesus said to them, ‘My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me, and to finish His work.’” John 4:30-34

    “Then Jesus said to them, ‘Truly, truly I say to you, the Son can do nothing of Himself, but what He sees the Father do. For whatever He does, likewise the Son does… I can do nothing of Myself. As I hear, I judge. My judgment is just, because I seek not My own will, but the will of the Father who sent Me.’” John 5:19, 30

    “So Jesus said to them, ‘When you lift up the Son of Man, then you will know that I am He, and I do nothing of Myself. But I speak these things as My Father taught Me. He who sent Me is with Me. The Father has not left Me alone, for I ALWAYS do those things that please Him.’” John 8:28-29

    “For I have not spoken on My own authority, but the Father who sent Me gave Me a command, what I should say and what I should speak. I know that His command is eternal life. Therefore what I say, I say as the Father tells me.”” John 12:49-50

    “But I do as the Father has commanded Me so that the world may know that I love the Father. Rise, let us go from here.” John 14:31

    “As the Father loved Me, I also loved you. Remain in My love. If you keep My commandments, you will remain in My love, even as I have kept My Father’s commandments and remain in His love.” John 15:9-10

    Therefore, It is perfectly understandable to see why Jesus would pray to and worship God and still be God. And since he is the Incarnate Word, it only makes sense that the Father would become his God.

    However, here are some facts that you have no answers to, which is why you evade them like the plague:

    Fact: Both Judaism and Islam teach that the deity prays.

    Fact: Both Judaism and Islam teach that the deity worships, since prayer is an act of worship per your claims and arguments.

    Fact: Since prayer and worship are acts directed to God, this means that the deity worshiped in Judaism and Muhammad’s Allah are worshiping some other being, and therefore are just like us humans. Or they must be worshiping themselves.

    Inexorable conclusion – Muhammad’s Allah and Judaism’s deity cannot be God, or they are egotistical schizophrenic beings who worship and talk to themselves! h

    Like I said Williams, your religion is contrary to reason, common sense, logic and Jesus, and is nothing more than an antichrist system. Double Ouch!!

    • Sam Shamoun says:

      I just posted this as well. You will find it in the comments section on his quote from Tuckett which tries to undermine John’s witness.

      Williams, you absolutely murder me! I can’t believe you wrote the following:

      “But the gospels claim that the power to forgive sins is shared by the apostles too. See John 20:23 and elsewhere.”

      You seriously could quote John 20:23 after just posting a quote from Tuckett which tries to throw this Gospel’s historical reliability under the bus? You can’t be serious!

      Now let’s see what happens when we quote the immediate context of that verse:

      “On the evening of that first day of the week, the doors being locked where the disciples were assembled, for fear of the Jews, Jesus came and stood in their midst, and said to them, ‘Peace be with you.’ When He had said this, He showed them His hands and His side. The disciples were then glad when they saw the Lord. So Jesus said to them again, ‘Peace be with you. As My Father has sent Me, EVEN SO I SEND YOU.’ When He had said this, HE BREATHED ON THEM and said to them, ‘RECEIVE THE HOLY SPIRIT. If you forgive the sins of anyone, they are forgiven them. If you retain the sins of anyone, they are retained.'” John 20:19-23

      “But Thomas, one of the twelve, called The Twin, was not with them when Jesus came. So the other disciples told him, ‘We have seen the Lord!’ But he said to them, ‘Unless I see the nail prints in His hands, and put my finger in the nail prints, and put my hand in His side, I will not believe.’ After eight days His disciples were again inside with the doors shut, and Thomas was with them. Jesus came and stood among them, and said, ‘Peace be with you.’ Then He said to Thomas, ‘Put your finger here, and look at My hands. Put your hand here and place it in My side. Do not be faithless, but believing.’ Thomas answered AND SAID UNTO HIM, ‘MY LORD AND MY GOD!’ Jesus said to him, ‘Thomas, because you have seen Me, you have believed. Blessed are those who have not seen, and have yet believed.'” John 20:24-29

      Here, Jesus breathes the Holy Spirit upon his disciples, since he is the One who baptizes or immerses people into/with the Holy Spirit:

      “Then John bore witness, saying, ‘I saw the Spirit descending from heaven like a dove, and it remained on Him. I did not know Him, but He who sent me to baptize with water said to me, “The One on whom you see the Spirit descending and remaining, THIS IS HE WHO BAPTIZES WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT.” I have seen and have borne witness that He is the Son of God.'” John 1:32-34

      This is a divine function which both God’s Word,

      “Then the LORD God formed man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living being.” Genesis 2:7

      “Then I will sprinkle clean water upon you, and you shall be clean. From all your filthiness and from all your idols, I will cleanse you. Also, I will give you a new heart, and a new spirit I will put within you. And I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you a heart of flesh. I WILL OUT MY SPIRIT WITHIN YOU and cause you to walk in My statutes, and you will keep My judgments and do them.” Ezekiel 36:25-27

      And the Quran ascribe to Deity:

      So, when I have made him and have breathed into him of My Spirit, do ye fall down, prostrating yourselves unto him. S. 15:29 Pickthall

      Then He fashioned him and breathed into him of His Spirit; and appointed for you hearing and sight and hearts. Small thanks give ye! S. 32:9 Pickthall

      Jesus is then worshiped by Thomas his Lord and God in the very Gospel which you just cited to try and refute that Jesus is God, all of which takes place AFTER JESUS’ RESURRECTION, an event which the Quran vehemently denies! Talk about being desperate!

      Now with that said, let us see how the disciples went about forgiving people’s sins:

      “Jesus performed many other signs in the presence of His disciples, which are not written in this book. 31 But these are written that you might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing you may have life IN HIS NAME.” John 20:30-31

      “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, THAT WHOEVER BELIEVES IN HIM SHOULD NOT PERISH, BUT HAVE ETERNAL LIFE. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved. He who believes in Him is not condemned. But he who does not believe is condemned already, BECAUSE HE HAS NOT BELIEVED IN THE NAME OF THE ONLY BEGOTTEN SON OF GOD… HE WHO BELIEVES IN THE SON HAS ETERNAL LIFE. HE WHO DOES NOT BELIEVE THE SON SHALL NOT SEE LIFE, BUT THE WRATH OF GOD REMAINS ON HIM.” John 3:16-18, 36

      “If we receive the testimony of men, the testimony of God is greater; for this is the testimony of God which He has given concerning His Son. Whoever believes in the Son of God has this witness in himself. Whoever does not believe God has made Him out to be a liar, because he does not believe the testimony that God gave about His Son. AND THIS IS THE TESTIMONY: THAT GOD HAS GIVEN US ETERNAL LIFE, AND THIS LIFE IS IN HIS SON. WHOEVER HAS THE SON HAS LIFE, AND WHOEVER DOES NOT HAVE THE SON OF GOD DOES NOT HAVE LIFE. I have written these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God, THAT YOU MAY KNOW THAT YOU HAVE ETERNAL LIFE, AND THAT YOU MAY CONTINUE TO BELIEVE IN THE NAME OF THE SON OF GOD. ” 1 John 5:9-13

      These examples make it clear the the disciples DID NOT forgive sins the way Jesus did, but rather proclaimed the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which is the means through which a person would either receive forgiveness or condemnation. In other words, the way the disciples forgave people or condemned them is by telling them that they had to believe in Jesus Christ the Son of God to receive eternal life, otherwise they would be condemned and perish forever.

      And contrary to your appeal to so-called scholars, Jesus’ saying in Mark 2:28 DOES NOT REFER to humans in general having authority over the Sabbath, since the OT is clear that the Sabbath belongs to GOD ALONE, and anyone found violating it would be put to death:

      “The Lord spoke to Moses, saying: Speak also to the children of Israel, saying, ‘You must surely keep MY SABBATHS, for it is a sign between Me and you throughout your generations, that you may know that I am the Lord who sanctifies you. You shall keep the Sabbath, for it is holy to you. EVERYONE WHO DEFILES IT WILL SURELY BE PUT TO DEATH. FOR WHOEVER DOES ANY WORK ON IT, THAT PERSON WILL BE CUT OFF FROM AMONG HIS PEOPLE. Six days may work be done, but on the seventh is the Sabbath of complete rest, holy TO THE LORD. Whoever does any work on the Sabbath day WILL SURELY BE PUT TO DEATH. Therefore the children of Israel must keep the Sabbath, to observe the Sabbath throughout their generations, for a perpetual covenant. It is a sign between Me and the children of Israel forever, for in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, but on the seventh day He rested and was refreshed.” Exodus 31:12-17

      “For six days work shall be done, but the seventh day is the Sabbath of complete rest, a holy convocation. You shall do no work. It is the Sabbath OF THE LORD in all your dwellings.” Leviticus 23:3

      “‘But the person who acts by a high hand, the natural-born citizen or the foreigner, the same reviles the LORD, and that person will be cut off from among his people. Because he has despised the word of the LORD and has broken His commandment, that person will be totally cut off. His iniquity will be on him.’ While the children of Israel were in the wilderness, they found a man who gathered sticks on the Sabbath day. The ones who found him gathering sticks brought him to Moses and Aaron and to all the assembly. They put him in confinement because it was not declared what should be done to him. The LORD said to Moses, ‘THE MAN WILL SURE DIE. All the assembly will stone him with stones outside the camp.’ All the assembly brought him outside the camp and stoned him with stones, and he died as the LORD commanded Moses.'” Numbers 15:30-36

      So much for your desperate tirade against the Deity of your God and Savior, Jesus Christ.

  4. Sam Shamoun says:

    I forgot to add the following:

    Now since only Yahweh has authority over the Sabbath, this means that the only way that Jesus could be the Lord of the Sabbath is if he is claiming to be the divine Son of Man, e.g., the Son of Man that the prophet Daniel saw who is clearly God appearing as a man, which further explains why he as the Son of Man has the power to forgive sins, something which even the Quran says only God can do:

    And those who, having done something to be ashamed of, or wronged their own souls, earnestly bring God to mind, and ask for forgiveness for their sins, – AND WHO CAN FORGIVE SINS EXCEPT GOD? – and are never obstinate in persisting knowingly in (the wrong) they have done. S. 3:135 Yusuf Ali

    Triple OUCH!!!

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