Other issues and Sola Scriptura – part 3 – the final 3rd section of this Dividing Line Program

Three parts:

  1.  Jory Micah and her usage of one person’s interpretation of where the Hebrew word, “El Shaddai” (The Almighty God)  came from, and her crusade for women to be pastors/ elders in the church.  She blocked anyone on Twitter recently who tried to reason with her about her position.  You can google Jory Micah and read her blog and twitter feed.  She claims to believe in the Bible, but seeks to promote the idea that women can be pastors/elders/teachers in the local church and have authority over men, in contradiction to 1 Timothy 2:8-15 and other passages.   One of her articles is here, where she takes on John Piper’s view.   see one of Piper’s articles on the issue here.

For a couple of articles on Women’s Roles in Marriage and Church see:

Got Questions?  (shorter summary of the longer article below)

Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood


2.  Analysis of an article by Spencer Toy at “Cross Examined”.

3.  Sola Scriptura – Part 3 – with some juicy quotes from Augustine and Gregory of Nyssa that indicate a firm believe in the Scriptures as the final infallible authority.

For more quotes from the early church and Sola Scriptura, see Dr. White’s chapter 2 in this book.

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2 Responses to Other issues and Sola Scriptura – part 3 – the final 3rd section of this Dividing Line Program

  1. θ says:

    Women can give sermons to men in places other than “church”, let say at the Corner parks, seminary, schools, stadium, et cetera. House of prayer is about leadership and organisation with level of hierarchy. Women can’t usurp the leadership of men on giving sermon or leading the congregations in the house of prayer. Women can preach and lead a prayer in many places more greater, more larger, more watchable other than churches.

  2. θ says:

    Women are allowed to speak up at home despite husband being a head of wife. It is because house’s room is private, not organisation with hierarchy to serve people’s prayers.

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