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A Muslim’s question about the Canon of Scripture

Ijaz Ahmad’s “10 Questions Christians don’t like to answer” By the way, I love to answer these kinds of questions by Muslims, and have answered many questions by Muslims put to me personally since 1983, when I first started reaching … Continue reading

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An Excellent argument vs. Muslims on John 17:3

Denis Giron wrote: in combox of discussing with Muslims at Blogging Theology   “Regarding John 17:3, the Father bears the title μονος αληθινος θεος. I see the Son bearing nearly identical titles, such as μονογενης θεος in John 1:18, and … Continue reading

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Debate: Is the cross necessary for salvation? (Adnan Rashid vs. James White) (and interaction with a Roman Catholic Response)

This was an excellent debate on the subject of the necessity of the work of redemption/ the atonement that Jesus Christ accomplished on the cross. Except Adnan spent a lot of time shifting the discussion from the cross/ sacrifice of … Continue reading

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Faith and Repentance  

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Causing unbelievers to blaspheme God (Romans 2:24)

Note: In order to really understand this, the reader must do his best to read a lot of links provided.  Also, see the discussion with Perry Robinson in the comboxes. Triablogue has been linking to Perry Robinson’s blog where he … Continue reading

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Did the people of the book corrupt the Bible?

“The people of the book” in the Qur’an refers to Christians and Jews who had previous Scriptures from the one true Creator and Sovereign God.  (The Old Testament (law of Moses, Zabur of David (Psalms, poetry books) and the Prophets) … Continue reading

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Long Before the Council of Nicea of 325 AD, the early Church taught the Deity of Christ    

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