Ahmed Deedat rebuked and refuted by one verse

Revelation 1:18

Jesus Christ said “I was dead, and now I am alive forevermore – into eternity”.  I will never forget in 1986, first hearing a debate between Josh McDowell & the famous Muslim debater and showman, Ahmed Deedat.  The debate took place in 1981, but I first heard the cassette recording in 1986.  I will never forget Josh standing up and quoting this verse, after Deedat said, “In all the 27 books of the NT, Jesus Christ never said, “I was dead, now I am alive”

Dr. Rob Plummer of The Southern Baptist Seminary, goes through the Greek of this verse.



The Full Debate here:  “Was Jesus Crucified?”

The Debate was later put into a full length book, with background explanation of the religion of Islam, it’s history, doctrines, practices, and sects.   I read this along time ago; (around 1986-1987), so I don’t remember the contents.

See:  http://www.ccel.us/islamdebate.toc.html

Since that time, in 2006, Dr. James White started debating Shabir Ally and other Muslims.

In 2007, Dr. White debated Shabir Ally on the Crucifixion and death of Jesus on the cross for the sins of His people.  Did Jesus Die as a willing sacrifice for the sins of His people?



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