Since they started learning our language, and challenging us in our mother tongue . . .

Apologetics and Agape

Ahmed Deedat explains why he started his own Islamic Da’wa (Invitation) – his work of debating Christians and inviting people to Islam.

Deedat recounts the author of the book, “Izharul Haqq”, ( اظهار الحق ) “Statement of Truth”, noted that Arabs, Indians, and Persian Muslims in India (before creation of Pakistan and Bangla Desh), in the late 1800s, after missionaries began to learn Muslim languages such as Persian and Urdu (the language of Pakistan), Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi, and Arabic, noted:

“Since they started learning our language, and challenging us in our mother tongue, the Muslims were forced to accept the challenge.”  “that is when we knew we had to respond.”

This demonstrates the power of learning another language in missions, in order to communicate the truth in such a way that the other culture actually really understands what we are saying.

Deedat found a book, the “Izhar Al Haqq” or…

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  1. Scotttcast says:

    I’m a big fan of learning Islamic concepts and turning it around – for example, Bi-la Kaifa and Kun Faya Kun in responding to questions about the comprehensibility of the Trinity or Incarnation.

    Dawagandists cannot dismiss the concepts since it’s their own religious statements, and citing them introduces the Muslim listeners to an entire world of difficulties, conundrums, controversies, inquisitions and doubt within classical Islam itself.

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