Does the Qur’an Misrepresent the Trinity? Yes

James White did an excellent job vs. Bassam Zawadi, of showing that the Qur’an does misrepresent the doctrine of the Trinity and was totally ignorant of the doctrine, which also shows the Living God, the true “Allah” (Arabic = “The God”, in previous revelation, The Triune God), did not inspire the Qur’an.  If one just walks through certain sections of the Qur’an – Surah 5:72-78 (Mary and Jesus are spoken of together as only human and the phrase “third of three” obvious is pointing to their wrong perception of the Trinity); and 5:116 (God, Jesus, and Mary are mentioned together, and this verse is obviously speaking against the Trinity – “Did I say take Me and My Mother as two gods besides Allah?”)  and 4:171 (say not three); and 6:101 (“How can God have a son when there is no wife for Him?”) , 112, 19:88-92, it becomes clear that the author or authors of the Qur’an were ignorant of not only the Trinity, but the Doctrine of the incarnation and the Deity of Christ and the eternal Sonship of Christ.  This shows that the Qur’an is just a human book of one man’s claim to be a prophet and apostle of God.



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  1. Ken Temple says:

    I read your post and
    1. it has nothing to do with the subject of the Trinity or the Qur’an’s view of the Trinity, or of the content of the debate of Dr. White and Bassam Zawadi.

    2. What makes you think I would approve of your comments, since you call me names like “scumbag” and filth and worse and use dirty English language, and half the time, when you write on your own, is not understandable because of bad grammar and bad syntax? (over at Paul Williams’ blog)

    Therefore, it is rejected.

    You don’t know how to obey your own religion in Surah 29:46 and Islamic Adab ادب (manners)

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