Responses to Shabir Ally and Muslims who use liberal scholarship

I had meant to follow-up on these for years, (but forgot) as they all together are very useful to read carefully and think about, along with the DL below.  These are from October – November 2013 Blog articles and a Dividing Line Program; that are mostly based in how Muslims like Shabir Ally (and others like the British convert to Islam, Paul Williams) use liberal western NT scholarship (James D. G. Dunn, James McGrath, Bart Ehrman; who are basically just re-packing the arguments of the previous 2-3 centuries of liberal western scholarship, Walter Bauer, Rudolph Bultmann, etc.) against Biblical truth in order to seek to cause doubt on the truth of the NT, and then seek to promote Islam as the true religion of Jesus Al Masih.  I hope to make more comments on this as time allows in the future.

Part 1 of James White’s Responses to Shabir Ally

Part 2 of James White’s Responses to Shabir Ally

Part 3 of James White’s Responses to Shabir Ally

Part 4 of James White’s response to Shabir Ally


Demythologizing scholarship – in November of 2013


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