A Wrinkle in the Practice of Reformed Infant Baptism

Excellent article on early church history and infant baptism!

Chris Whisonant

Briefly today, I would like to respond to the statements in a paragraph in Dr. Clark’s latest blog post. After posing a question that he received from someone, Dr. Clark gives us an introductory paragraph in which he is laying out the early evidence that infant baptism was an established practice received from the Apostles themselves. As I have done a fair amount of work on this topic, I would like to offer some thoughts to clarify his statements. Dr. Clark’s quotes below (I’ll end up citing his entire paragraph) will be in italics after which I will provide some additional data and resources.

First, the evidence that the second century church did practice infant baptism is fairly strong.

First, he does not site any actual evidence that the second century church practiced infant baptism. This is because there are not any known examples from the second century…

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