Jerome on the Deutero-canonical books (Apocrypha)

After speaking of the books of the Wisdom of Solomon and Ecclesiasticus, which were sent at the same time, the Preface continues:

As, then, the Church reads Judith, Tobit, and the books of Maccabees, but does not admit them among the canonical Scriptures, so let it read these two volumes for the edification of the people, not to give authority to doctrines of the Church. If any one is better pleased with the edition of the Seventy, there it is, long since corrected by me. For it is not our aim in producing the new to destroy the old. And yet if our friend reads carefully, he will find that our version is the more intelligible, for it has not turned sour by being poured three times over into different vessels, but has been drawn straight from the press, and stored in a clean jar, and has thus preserved its own flavour.

Jerome, Preface to Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and the Song of Songs. NPNF2, volume 6.

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2 Responses to Jerome on the Deutero-canonical books (Apocrypha)

  1. Hi, Ken.

    I am thinking about starting a research project on the topic of the Papacy. What are some books you would recommend that deal with the issue of the Papacy (specifically as it relates to church history) ?

    Also, what are some specific events in church that argue against papal infallibility that would be good to know and study?

    The Matthew 16 Controversy by William Webster

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  2. Ken Temple says:

    Ok, I increased the window of open for comments to 20.

    I recommend “The Matthew 16 Controversy” by William Webster. excellent book – he quotes from lots of other classic books on the issue of the Papacy.

    see his web-site also

    Also, James White’s books and debates with Roman Catholics.

    Turretinfan also

    and Triablogue

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