Sola Fide, the Council of Trent, & some early church fathers (Anthony Rogers)

I listened to the whole presentation once; I wish I had time to take notes and type up more right now. This was a great way to celebrate the Protestant Reformation on October 31, 2021.

Anthony Rogers did a great job here, demonstrating with lots of quotes from the Council of Trent, setting it up, that the Roman Catholic Church abandoned some of the early church tradition of their understanding of “faith alone”. Quotes from John Chrysostom, Ambrose, Ambrosiaster, Basil, Augustine, Epiphanius and the Council of Elvira concerning images in churches, and others.

The early church fathers were not infallible, and of course the Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox are going to push back with quotes from these same fathers in another context on their ideas about other doctrines that may seem to contradict what they say in a different context about justification by faith alone. The big thing to remember is that human beings can be inconsistent, both knowingly and unknowingly inconsistent in their theology. Human beings are fallible. “We all stumble in many ways.” James 3:1-2

I wrote this to Anthony at another one of this humorous videos. (see below this)

Good job Anthony, I really appreciate you and your ministry, when I have time to listen. Great job on both in Sola Fide in the early church fathers, and on putting up Greg Bahnsen’s message; and you conduct yourself properly with people, which is what all ministers, evangelists, missionaries, apologists, elders, pastors should do – the qualifications for ministry are clear in the NT. (1 Timothy 3, Titus 1, James chapter 3, Acts 13:1-4 (affirmed, confirmed, and sent out by a local Biblical church). Also, you did a great job on Sola Scriptura a while back in explaining it to a group of a lot of RCs and EO, (and OO and Assyrian church of the east folks, and other non-Reformed Protestants, etc. One or 2 Roman Catholics commenters, one of them, that I interact with some, said, “A more sophisticated defense of Sola Scriptura than what we usually hear” (something like that).

Some others have lots of knowledge, but are full of pugnaciousness (just wanting to fight and curse and go ad hominem and name call and chest thumping, etc. and argue and win arguments rather than glorify God by godly behavior – 1 Timothy 3 is clear – “above reproach”, “not pugnacious”, and James 3 – someone who knows how to control their tongue), sinful anger and bitterness and cursing, which disqualifies them.

You did a good job (with David Wood helping) in your interaction with Sheikh Uthman in San Diego. (James 3:1-18 says with our tongue those that bless God and curse their fellow man, are disqualified for ministry – Thank you for not only being sound in doctrine and theology, and using reason and logic in argumentation, but also in being a good model in behavior! You did a great job of setting the Sola Fide issue up by all the quotes from the Council of Trent, which demonstrates that the Roman Catholic Church anathematized the heart out of the gospel by condemning justification by faith alone, and also by condemning all who don’t agree with them on Purgatory, the sacrifice of the mass, Transubstantiation, & the authority of Rome and the Pope.


Ken Temple

The humorous video where I made my comments:

Yes, Anthony has disarmed them.


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