Anthony Rogers decimated Sam “Tetzel Shamoun and William AlbrEck”

Be sure to listen carefully to all of this video and the one I linked to earlier. (see below) You can go to Shamoun’s YouTube channel (Shamounian) and see the 2 videos he did against Anthony Rogers, in a back and forth. Many more will probably happen between now and in March 2022, – which is when a formal debate is set for between Anthony Rogers (Reformed position on Sola Fide) and William Albrecht (Roman Catholic).

I wish I had time to type it all out and write more on this, but it takes time to listen again, start and stop and type, etc. Excellent material. Be sure to see all the links that Anthony Rogers gives in the title section of the video. There is a link to the full text of Marius Victorinus’ commentary on Galatians. Very clear that he taught an early form of what Luther and Calvin and Zwingli taught. (justification by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone)

It was very interesting to find out about the connection between Marius Victorinus, Ambrose, Ambrosiaster, Augustine, and Simplicanius (Latin) or Simplician (English), who was the bishop of Milan after Ambrose, who (both of them) was involved with Augustine’s conversion. That Simplicanius recommended Victorinus’ commentary on Galatians to Augustine is a great connection. See also in Book VIII, chapter 2-5 of Augustine’s Confession.

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See here also for more comments

Not only in the first Video that I put up here on justification by faith alone in the early church fathers and how Anthony set it up by Romans 1:17 and many quotes from the Council of Trent, but also in this response.

Anthony also made great comments about Purgatory and the Marian dogmas and the Perpetual Virginity of Mary and how Rome applies that dogma to different areas of faith and doctrine and practice. (marriage and celibacy issues, praying to Mary, Marian piety, etc.)

Anthony knows how to answer quickly and with humor! Calling Sam “Tetzel Shamoun” and William Albrecht, “AlbrECK” is brilliant! (AlbreECK is a play off of the Roman Catholic theologian, John Eck, who famously debated Martin Luther between his posting of the 95 theses in 1517 and his trial at the Diet of Worms in 1521. (the debates were in 1519, lasting several weeks) In those debates, Luther’s views were becoming more clear on Sola Fide and Sola Scriptura. Shamoun gets a taste of his own medicine as he loves to dish out and say and things like, “I am just stirring up the pot” and “this is just friendly manly banter”, etc.

This bears repeating: With emphasis and embolden for Sam Tetzel Shamoun:

“Good job Anthony, I really appreciate you and your ministry, when I have time to listen. Great job on both in Sola Fide in the early church fathers, and on putting up Greg Bahnsen’s message; and you conduct yourself properly with people, which is what all ministers, evangelists, missionaries, apologists, elders, pastors should do – the qualifications for ministry are clear in the NT. (1 Timothy 3, Titus 1, James chapter 3, Acts 13:1-4 (affirmed, confirmed, and sent out by a local Biblical church). Also, you did a great job on Sola Scriptura a while back in explaining it to a group of a lot of RCs and EO, (and OO and Assyrian church of the east folks, and other non-Reformed Protestants, etc. One or 2 Roman Catholics commenters, one of them, that I interact with some, said, “A more sophisticated defense of Sola Scriptura than what we usually hear” (something like that).

This is about Sam Tetzel Shamoun: (not about Albrecht, he seems to debate properly.) Some others have lots of knowledge, but are full of pugnaciousness (just wanting to fight and curse and go ad hominem and name call and chest thumping, etc. and argue and win arguments rather than glorify God by godly behavior – 1 Timothy 3 is clear – “above reproach”, “not pugnacious”, and James 3 – someone who knows how to control their tongue), sinful anger and bitterness and cursing, which disqualifies them.

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I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I am a sinner who has been saved by the grace of God alone (Ephesians 2:8-9), through faith alone (Galatians 2:16; Romans 3:28; 4:1-16), in Christ alone (John 14:6). But a true faith does not stay alone, it should result in change, fruit, good works, and deeper levels of repentance and hatred of my own sins of selfishness and pride. I am not better than you! I still make mistakes and sin, but the Lord is working on me, conforming me to His character. (Romans 8:28-29; 2 Corinthians 3:16-18) When I do sin, I hate the sin as it is an affront to God, and seek His forgiveness in repentance. (Mark 1:15; 2 Corinthians 7:7-10; Colossians 3:5-16 ) Praise God for His love for sinners (Romans 5:8), shown by the voluntary coming of Christ and His freely laying down His life for us (John 10:18), becoming flesh/human (John 1:1-5; 1:14; Philippians 2:5-8), dying for sins of people from all nations, tribes, and cultures (Revelation 5:9), on the cross, in history, rising from the dead (Romans 10:9-10; Matthew 28, Mark 16:1-8; Luke 24; John 20-21; 1 Corinthians chapter 15). His resurrection from the dead proved that Jesus is the Messiah, the eternal Son of God, the word of God from eternity past; and that He was all the gospels say He was and that He is truth and the life and the way to salvation. (John 14:6)
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  1. Make sure to post this so people can watch our burial of Anthony.

    We are going to bury Anthony both today and tomorrow:

    And now I am going to mention you by name today in the stream and tomorrow so people can see what a stupid dog and spiritual whore you are, and that you are of your father the devil. Keep barking you spiritual scum lowlife dog. Hahahahahaha!

    • Ken Temple says:

      I am glad you are being exposed by the light of God’s truth. I am glad you will mention me with all of your name calling and anger and bitterness for all to see.

      Be sure to to spew out lots of sinful anger, like you usually do, when you mention me.

    • Ken Temple says:

      You can’t “bury” him because he already buried and decimated you guys!

      I look forward to the whole drama. I am getting out the popcorn in anticipation.

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