Ahmed Deedat rebuked and refuted by one verse

Apologetics and Agape

Revelation 1:18

Jesus Christ said “I was dead, and now I am alive forevermore – into eternity”.  I will never forget in 1986, first hearing a debate between Josh McDowell & the famous Muslim debater and showman, Ahmed Deedat.  The debate took place in 1981, but I first heard the cassette recording in 1986.  I will never forget Josh standing up and quoting this verse, after Deedat said, “In all the 27 books of the NT, Jesus Christ never said, “I was dead, now I am alive”

Dr. Rob Plummer of The Southern Baptist Seminary, goes through the Greek of this verse.

The Full Debate here:  “Was Jesus Crucified?”

The Debate was later put into a full length book, with background explanation of the religion of Islam, it’s history, doctrines, practices, and sects.   I read this along time ago; (around 1986-1987), so I don’t remember the contents.

See:  http://www.ccel.us/islamdebate.toc.html


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