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Letting go of rancor at Christmas time and all the time

This is a good reminder for us all not only for Christmas time, but for all the time, and something that I need to constantly renew my mind (Romans 12:2; Ephesians 4:20-24) in the Scriptures and pray for the Holy … Continue reading

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Excellent summary of main issues and differences between Biblical Christianity vs. Roman Catholicism

HT: ¬†James White and Alpha and Omega Ministries Dr. White mentions debates he had with Mitchell Pacwa, who is a Jesuit priest and very respectful, speaks several languages, reasonable and intelligent and fair in his debates with him. Here is … Continue reading

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Reza Aslan’s Historical Method

David Wood and Mike Licona analyze Reza Aslan’s historical method and point out the way Aslan tries to claim that only he has the right view of the historical Jesus. Wood and Licona have exposed a massive contradiction in Reza … Continue reading

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The mysterious disappearance of Paul B. Williams’ web-sites

We don’t know why Paul Bilal Williams, a British convert to Islam, has deleted his blogs and disappeared. ¬† His “” is gone; his You Tube page is gone; and his blog on Kant and philosophy is gone. Maybe he … Continue reading

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