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Debate Review: James White vs. Joe Ventilacion (Who is God?)

Having come from the Philippines, the Iglesia ni Cristo is not an unknown name to me. They are the second largest religious group in the Philippines, after the Roman Catholic Church. I’ve seen videos of their ministers debating representatives of…

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Man’s most basic question: “How can a man be right with God?” Job 9:2

John MacArthur answers that question.

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Review of Rod Bennett’s book, “Four Witnesses” (Part 1a)

This used to be at, but I just noticed it is no longer there.  But see update at Beggar’s All.  It is actually still there, but a guy named Rob helped me to see how I can see it. … Continue reading

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The Empty Tomb. He has risen!

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The Resurrection of Jesus Christ Debate

Originally posted on Apologetics and Agape:
James White and James Renihan defend the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ in history against two very famous liberal theologians, Marcus Borg and John Dominic Crossan. 1 Corinthians 15:1 Now I make known to…

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Can a Consistent Eastern Orthodox Believer be “the Bible Answer Man” ?

Dr. James White examines Hank Hanegraaff’s recent explanations of his conversion to Eastern Orthodoxy, in the light of the gospel, Sola Scriptura, Sola Fide, prayers to icons, theosis, and other Eastern Orthodox distinctives such as “sacred oral tradition in the … Continue reading

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Dr. White rebukes Sam Shamoun and his sinful anger and being a bad and negative witness to Muslims

Sam Shamoun was properly rebuked by Dr. James White.  (see video below) See here also – Dr. White’s open letter to Sam Shamoun. Just saying again, because it needs to be said again. Sam needs to repent of his sinful … Continue reading

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