Important Web-sites for Apologetics and Spiritual Growth

These are web-sites that I frequent and enjoy and have found helpful.

Alpha and Omega Ministries, Dr. James White

Daily Dose of Greek (Professor Rob Plummer)

Daily Dose of Hebrew (Professor Mark Futato)

Beggar’s All Reformation and Apologetics (James Swan and his excellent research on Martin Luther and other Reformation issues.  I also blog sometimes at this site.)

Cannon Fodder, Michael J. Kruger  (Issues on the Canon of Scripture, early church history)

Dr. Kruger’s course on the Canon of Scripture.

Al Mohler  (President of Southern Baptist Seminary)

John Piper, Desiring God

Justin Taylor

Kevin DeYoung

Denny Burk

R. C. Sproul, Ligonier Ministries

Triablogue (Steve Hays, John Bugay, Jason Engwer, others)

Effectual Grace by Pastor John Samson


In the midst of apologetics and defense of the Christian Faith, we need to constantly bring our study under worship, singing, and the local church.


Sovereign Grace Music

Keith and Kristyn Getty


The Cripplegate


Evangelical Textual Criticism

Dan Wallace

John McArthur, Grace to You

Biblical Counseling  (ACBC)

William Webster, Christian Truth (focused on analyzing Roman Catholicism)

Early Church Fathers 

Baptismal Regeneration in the Early Church, by Timothy Kauffman (Refutation of the common claim  that the early church fathers were unanimous in teaching that water baptism causes one to be born again .)  (Brian Culliton’s blog on Roman Catholicism and the Early Church evidence)

Early and Medieval Church History, by Dr. Ryan Reeves

Reformation and Modern Church History, by Dr. Ryan Reeves

Tim Challies

Answering Islam

Answering Muslims (David Wood)

Biblical Missiology (Georges Houssney) 

Steelman Apologetics (Richard Zetter)

Islam and Christianity by Abu Daoud

Apologetic and Answers to Difficulties and Questions book by book, verse by verse through the Bible.

Professor James Anderson – Proginosko

Green Baggins – PCA Pastor Lane Keister and other Presbyterians discuss theological issues.

Brandon Addison on Roman Catholicism

Together for the Gospel

Exegetical Apologetics with Keith Thompson

Andy Naselli – Thoughts on Theology

Biblical Reasoning

Apologetic Report  – links to many articles dealing with Apologetics and Biblical issues.

Chris Whisonant- blog on Baptism in the Early Church and Augustine and other theological issues.

Sam Storms (I disagree with Sam Storms about the miracle-apostolic gifts for today; but in almost every thing else, he is a very good exegete and critical thinker.)

Kim Riddlebarger – (makes a good case for the A-millennial position of Eschatology)

“Rational Christian Discernment” by Jesse:

Creation / Evolution issues:

Evolution News

Answers in Genesis

Intelligent Design

Creation Ministries International

Reasons to Believe

Two that I like to visit and learn from.  David Waltz is a former Jehovah’s Witness, Protestant, Roman Catholic – I am unsure of what church he goes to now, but he is very knowledgeable on church history and the early church fathers and historical theology.

I disagree with David Waltz on a lot of things, but he has a lot of great information on historical theology, church history, and the early church fathers.

David Waltz’ Articuli Fidei

A Roman Catholic blogger named Allan Ruhl.

I disagree with him on every issue of Protestantism vs. Roman Catholicism, but enjoy reading his blog, and appreciate many of his thoughts on moral issues and when he debates Muslims.