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How our suffering Glorifies God

  See the link where John Piper preached the same message at a different venue – see the written text of his message.

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Make War on your own self-pity and temptation to sulk

“Make War on your urge to sulk” by John Piper One of the reasons John Piper is such a blessing to me (and to so many) is that he is so honest and real about his own sinful tendencies; and also … Continue reading

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Empires and Missions (19th & early 20th century missions) (expanded on July 30)

A very interesting lesson from church history, by Robert Godfrey of Ligonier Ministries. Here are some notes I made:  (with expansion on July 30) Empires and Missions Robert Godfrey Late 19th and Early 20th century. As Empires spread, so … Continue reading


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15 Early Church Christians who used the word “Trinity” before 325 AD

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The True God, the Holy Trinity, is relational, and helps us understand our need for relationship.

Here is my response and interaction with an article at Triablogue: “Christianity is a relationship, not a religion.” Interesting. Why are relationship issues only a “feminine issue” ? or why is that “a rather feminine view of Christianity?” You are … Continue reading

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You cannot figure out God

Originally posted on Apologetics and Agape:
“You can’t figure out God. Christianity is not true because it works. In many cases, it does not work. That is to say, it does not solve all of the problems that we think…

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Ahmed Deedat rebuked and refuted by one verse

Revelation 1:18 Jesus Christ said “I was dead, and now I am alive forevermore – into eternity”.  I will never forget in 1986, first hearing a debate between Josh McDowell & the famous Muslim debater and showman, Ahmed Deedat.  The … Continue reading

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An Earnest Plea to Roman Catholics

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