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On the Bondage of the Unregenerate Will Advertisements

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All the messages and sermons from “Together for the Gospel” (T4G) 2018

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Good reasons to keep on celebrating (and studying the historical and theological issues) the Protestant Reformation of 1517

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5 Minutes in Church History site

What a great resource!  These are excellent synopses of important people and events in church history.  Thanks to Stephen Nichols for putting this together.

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Slow Historical developments that show change from early church catholic to later Roman Catholic It answers the objections that this Roman Catholic made:

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The Reformation, Martin Luther, the 95 Theses, and the Trial at Worms

Nothing like the scholarly articles of James Swan, . . . but . . . A Montage of scenes from the 2003 Movie, Luther, starring Joseph Fiennes as Martin Luther.  The Montage begins with the 95 theses in 1517, and … Continue reading

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Seeds of the Reformation, by Jason Engwer

Seeds of the Reformation, by Jason Engwer

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