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5 Minutes in Church History site

What a great resource!  These are excellent synopses of important people and events in church history.  Thanks to Stephen Nichols for putting this together.

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Slow Historical developments that show change from early church catholic to later Roman Catholic It answers the objections that this Roman Catholic made:

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The Reformation, Martin Luther, the 95 Theses, and the Trial at Worms

Nothing like the scholarly articles of James Swan, . . . but . . . A Montage of scenes from the 2003 Movie, Luther, starring Joseph Fiennes as Martin Luther.  The Montage begins with the 95 theses in 1517, and … Continue reading

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Seeds of the Reformation, by Jason Engwer

Seeds of the Reformation, by Jason Engwer

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Martin Luther’s speech at the Diet (Trial) of Worms, 1521

This includes a historical summary and Luther’s prayer the night before he had to give his final answer.  He asked for one more day to contemplate his answer. The famous part at the end of his speech: “Unless I am … Continue reading

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