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Debate: Is Muhammad prophesied in the Bible?

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This is an excellent debate and I really appreciate the Muslims allowing a debate in their Mosque. (The East London Mosque, London, England) ¬† This debate took place in 2012. Abdullah Al Andalousi did…

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Dr. White’s clear gospel presentation in March 2017 in a Mosque, AFTER the highly criticized Dialogue with Dr. Qadhi in January of 2017.

This is proof that Dr. White has not compromised the gospel, as he shared it both hundreds of times in about 30 years (?) of ministry, and during the dialogue with Yasir Qadhi and after the dialogue with Dr. Qadhi, … Continue reading

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Dr. White on Michael Brown’s podcast, with 2nd hour discussion with Robert Spencer   see at Dr. Brown’s web-site.

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2 John 9-11 in light of the controversy over Dr. White’s outreach to Muslims

  Dr. White’s 2 part dialogue with a Muslim cleric, Dr. Yasir Qadhi, in January of 2017, was a good balance of both sound doctrine/standing on principle, AND real evangelistic outreach. ¬†Balance is key. (especially if anyone really knows Dr. … Continue reading

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Dr. White has been judged unfairly

I was surprised at how quick Brannon Howse, Usama Dakdok, and Shahram Hadian were to judge Dr. James White for his sincerely trying to reach out to Muslims by the 2-part Dialogue with Yasir Qadhi. (Howse, Dakdok, and Hadian on … Continue reading

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Dr. James White defended the doctrine of the Trinity in debate against Muslim Bassam Zawadi

Dr. James White clearly showed that the author of the Qur’an did not understand the doctrine of the Trinity. (see Qur’an Surah 5:72-75; 5:116; 6:101; 19:88-92; 112) Since the Qur’an came 500 + years later than the New Testament (The … Continue reading

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The Cult of Liberal theology

Another Walter Martin classic. As J. Gresham Machen wrote in his classic book, “Christianity and Liberalism”, “Liberalism (meaning liberal theology) is not Christianity; it is another religion.” I used to have these messages on cassette tape; and it is refereshing … Continue reading

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