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The Cult of Liberal theology

Another Walter Martin classic. As J. Gresham Machen wrote in his classic book, “Christianity and Liberalism”, “Liberalism (meaning liberal theology) is not Christianity; it is another religion.” I used to have these messages on cassette tape; and it is refereshing … Continue reading

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Debate Review: James White vs. Joe Ventilacion (Who is God?)

Having come from the Philippines, the Iglesia ni Cristo is not an unknown name to me. They are the second largest religious group in the Philippines, after the Roman Catholic Church. I’ve seen videos of their ministers debating representatives of…

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Review of Rod Bennett’s book, “Four Witnesses” (Part 1a)

This used to be at, but I just noticed it is no longer there.  But see update at Beggar’s All.  It is actually still there, but a guy named Rob helped me to see how I can see it. … Continue reading

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Older and newer documentation of Robert Morey’s absurd, outrageous, and dangerous suggestions

The above video is from 2012. The newer documentation: (from December 16, 2016) I apologize for being late (April of 2017) on putting this up.  I had written some things as a draft and just recently felt like it was … Continue reading

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Dr. White’s excellent analysis of William Lane Craig & Andy Stanley’s apologetic approach & analysis of Surah 9 in Islam

The article by Al Mohler mentioned and quoted from by Dr. White: See also these 2 excellent articles: (Related to the first half of the Program) Our Lord Jesus Christ’s View of the Old Testament Scriptures, by John … Continue reading

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Christian-Muslim Dialogue, Dr. White and Dr. Qadhi, Part 2

see part 1 here.

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Planned Parenthood caught lying! (many times)

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