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A “fundamentalist spirit / attitude”

What is wrong with a “fundamentalist spirit/attitude” that cannot discern nuances in disagreements on secondary and tertiary issues in other Christians? Dr. White discusses an upcoming possible debate (sometime in 2020) with Sam Shamoun over 2 issues: 1. Limited Atonement … Continue reading

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Does the Bible teach that there is only one God or many gods?

One God or many gods? at Triablogue Steve Hays provided an excellent quote by Bruce Waltke that refuted Peter Enns’ comment and some liberal theologians/commentators about “many gods”. Then I added some comments: (edited here a little for smoothness) Was … Continue reading

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Answering Sam Shamoun’s questions on 1 John & 2 John regarding the White/Qadhi dialogue Sam Shamoun HERE IS A QUESTION FOR JAMES WHITE AND ALL HIS FAN BOYS WHO SUBSCRIBE TO SOLA WHITIA (“SOLELY WHITE”), SO PAY ATTENTION. Notice the snarky “Fan Boys” and “Sola Whitia” bombast buzzwords that sinfully angry Shamoun has … Continue reading

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2 John 9-11 in light of the controversy over Dr. White’s outreach to Muslims

  Dr. White’s 2 part dialogue with a Muslim cleric, Dr. Yasir Qadhi, in January of 2017, was a good balance of both sound doctrine/standing on principle, AND real evangelistic outreach. ¬†Balance is key. (especially if anyone really knows Dr. … Continue reading

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Dr. White rebukes Sam Shamoun and his sinful anger and being a bad and negative witness to Muslims

Sam Shamoun was properly rebuked by Dr. James White. ¬†(see video below) See here also – Dr. White’s open letter to Sam Shamoun. Just saying again, because it needs to be said again. Sam needs to repent of his sinful … Continue reading

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Debate: “Is Jesus only a prophet or is He also God?” (Sam Shamoun vs. Anjem Choudary)

[Note: I have been updating this article over the last 3 days, May 27-29, as I have more time to write and add more. And I may add more later if I have time to write more.] Be sure to … Continue reading

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