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Response to Paul Williams on the Gospel according to Matthew

Muslims have to spend their energy trying to make the New Testament contradict within itself and use liberal scholarship like Bart Ehrman, James D. G. Dunn, Dale Martin, John Dominic Crossan, Christopher Tuckett, etc. – who are mostly warmed over … Continue reading


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Refuting Paul William’s take on “but some doubted” in Matthew 28:17

Paul Bilal Williams, in a tweet to Nabil Qureshi, asks about Matthew 28:17, “but some doubted”.  [No longer there, as Paul Williams has deleted several blogs over the years.]  Interesting that he left out the part about the disciples “worshiping … Continue reading

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No Muslim can deal with Mark 10:23-27

Muslims cannot deal with Mark 10:23-27, nor the parallel in the Gospel according to Matthew 19, nor Mark 7 or Matthew 15. Muslims such as Paul Bilal Williams and Shabir Ally love to quote Mark 10:17-22, but they always leave … Continue reading

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