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“Have we exchanged our faith in Christ for idolatry of arguments about Christ?”

Todd Wood asks that Question: It was a very convicting question. Be balanced and humble in our critiques of Darwin’s theory of Evolution:   Advertisements

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Dr. James White on the historical process of the canon of the New Testament    

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Historical Testimony for Jesus’ Death and Deity

The Death of Jesus and the Defeat of Islam: The Early Church Fathers on Jesus:  

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Debate: The Qur’an’s view of the Previous Scriptures, Shabir Ally vs. David Wood

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Besides the very clear presentation by David Wood that the Qur’an: Affirms/confirms مصدق the inspiration of the previous Scriptures – Surah 3:84, 2:136; 3:3-4 Affirms/confirms مصدق the preservation of the previous Scriptures – Surah…

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Good reasons to keep on celebrating (and studying the historical and theological issues) the Protestant Reformation of 1517

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