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False Doctrines of 2 of the churches that claim to be “Apostolic”

Two excellent series by Dr. Jordan Cooper, a Lutheran minister. As a committed Protestant, Evangelical, Reformed Baptist, I agree with him on these issues. Excellent analaysis. I am making my own comments here and there, but please listen to Dr. … Continue reading

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Tertullian (~200): Children should not be baptized until they can ask for salvation themselves

Originally posted on Chris Whisonant:
And so, according to the circumstances and disposition, and even age, of each individual, the delay of baptism is preferable; principally, however, in the case of little children. For why is it necessary — if…

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Yasir Qadhi on sex-slaves in Islam

Yasir Qadhi seems to admit that taking sex slaves as a result of war by early Muslims was permissible.  He admits that this is controversial in Islam and that he gets lots of questions about this issue.  The issue is … Continue reading

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The heart is cleansed by faith first, then baptism follows, like a seal

Some key quotes that demonstrate against the idea that baptismal regeneration was unanimous by the early church fathers and early church writers. “That baptismal washing is a sealing of faith, which faith is begun and is commended by the faith of repentance. … Continue reading


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