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13 Things you didn’t know about the Papacy John Bugay over at Triablogue, has an excellent summary here of the Papacy issues. Because of space, and the purpose to keep to a one page sheet evangelistic tract, it may be hard to include these other issues: I … Continue reading


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Excellent introductions and outlines to each NT book by Dan Wallace Scholarly defense of each New Testament book regarding the date of Writing, author, background, theme of each book, outlines.

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Bart Ehrman’s argumentation would also show Islam and the Qur’an not true

Some Muslim put together a video that shows famous liberal skeptic and agnostic, Bart Ehrman’s arguments against the inerrancy and preservation and reliability of the Bible.  But if a Muslim thinks Ehrman is right; then the Muslim has also … Continue reading

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Dealing with Gluttony

“heart idols are more dangerous than stone idols”  Jim Newheiser  

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Debate: “Is Jesus only a prophet or is He also God?” (Sam Shamoun vs. Anjem Choudary)

[Note: I have been updating this article over the last 3 days, May 27-29, as I have more time to write and add more. And I may add more later if I have time to write more.] Be sure to … Continue reading

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Purgatory refuted

The Roman Catholic doctrine of Purgatory is thoroughly analyzed from Scripture and Church history and refuted. (by Keith Thompson) Addendum:  April 24, 2021 – apparently, Keith Thompson has taken down this video.  That is unfortunate.  Oh well.

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Yusuf Ismail mis-quoted and distorted Dan Wallace

Dr. Dan Wallace and Dr. James White respond to Yusuf Ismail’s mis-quoting of Dr. Wallace’s section of John 1:1 in his Greek text, Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics

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Response to Candida Moss’ exaggerated thesis, in “The Myth of Persecution”

Paul Maier has an excellent response to Professor Moss’ provacative title and exaggerated thesis.

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What happened in Canada when Same Sex marriage became legal

What will happen in USA, if “Same Sex marriage” is ruled as legal by the Supreme Court 1. 2.

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Since they started learning our language, and challenging us in our mother tongue . . .

Ahmed Deedat explains why he started his own Islamic Da’wa (Invitation) – his work of debating Christians and inviting people to Islam. Deedat recounts the author of the book, “Izharul Haqq”, ( اظهار الحق ) “Statement of Truth”, noted that … Continue reading

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