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Hebrew Refresh

One of my regrets is that after learning Hebrew and Aramaic in my last year in seminary in 1987-1988 (Columbia International University, Columbia, SC), I did not keep up with it as I should have and I forgot a lot … Continue reading

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How our suffering Glorifies God

  See the link where John Piper preached the same message at a different venue – see the written text of his message.

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You cannot figure out God

“You can’t figure out God. Christianity is not true because it works.  [It is true just because it is truth from God; so read the whole article.] In many cases, it does not work. That is to say, it does … Continue reading

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The only full and revealed answer to suffering in this life

I wrote this several years ago at another blog that I write (James Swan’s Beggars All Reformation and Apologetics. We don’t know all the answers for our questions about pain and suffering in this life, the book of Job gives … Continue reading

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Nabeel Qureshi (1983-2017)

Nabeel Qureshi passed away today and entered into the joy and fellowship with Jesus in heaven. His testimony and godly attitude all the while he was going through the cancer was a great testimony. I am sad; and happy at … Continue reading

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For Muslims and other skeptics: The answer to the questions about injustice and evil in the world: The Incarnation and sufferings of Jesus the Messiah

A Muslim who goes by “Intellect” asked me this question, starting with a quote from Dr. James White: “Why can’t God take the form of a human without ceasing to be God and still remains as God?” -Dr. James White … Continue reading

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Why does God allow evil and suffering? John MacArthur

Originally posted on Apologetics and Agape: I would encourage everyone who sees this to listen carefully and stop and look up all the verses that he cites in the Bible.  Work through this slowly.  I provide a lot of…

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