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Moses wrote about Jesus the Messiah

This article claims that John 5:46 is wrong and that Jesus did not say it and that Moses did not write about the coming Messiah Jesus. Yet Jesus Himself said that Moses DID write and predict Him. John 5:46 If … Continue reading

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The Jesus Film

The Jesus Film, which has been translated into many languages.  The first 8 minutes are an introduction based on Genesis and the prophets; and then the rest is all straight from the Gospel according to Luke.

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Palm Sunday, “Hosanna!”, and application to the current political drama

Be sure to keep reading to the next post about the Crucifixion, Resurrection, and the Angels at the Tomb of Jesus, and I encourage you to listen to R.C. Sproul’s three messages, as we celebrate Good Friday and the Resurrection … Continue reading

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The Forbidden chapter from the TaNaKh (the OT = the Torah, Prophets, and Writings)

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