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A Reformation Day Summary

Luther’s Reformation Breakthrough (by Church History, Historical Theology Professor Ryan Reeves, Gordon-Conwell Seminary) Dr. Reeves summarizes Luther’s Breakthrough on Justification by Faith Alone: The Importance of the Reformation: Dr. Reeves then goes back to explain the 95 Theses: I wanted … Continue reading

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Revelation 5:9 – Daily Dose of Greek

Revelation 5.9 from Daily Dose of Greek on Vimeo.

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How can they live without Jesus? How can live without God’s love?

  Lyrics and music by Keith Green How can they live without Jesus? How can live without God’s love? How can they feel so at home down here? When there’s so much more up above Throwin’ away things that matter … Continue reading

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How did we get the Biblical Canon?

  Also, What is the Apocrypha?   Also, see here for lots of other resources on the issue of the Biblical Canon from a Protestant perspective.  Additional important comments on the canon existence in the first century and the process … Continue reading

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Sola Fide: Justification by Faith Alone – John Chrysostom (349-407 AD)

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“It is not the intensity of faith that saves, rather it is object of faith that saves.”

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