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The Truth of the Nicean Council (325 AD) and Arian Controversy- 318-381 AD

Paul Bilal Williams, a British convert to Islam, has reposted an article on the Council of Nicea by Unitarians, that is very skewed and inaccurate.  (No longer there, since Paul Williams deleted that blog.) The Unitarian source is inaccurate and … Continue reading

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Biblical Resources for dealing with Homosexuality and “same sex marriage” issues

As Denny Burk so aptly put it, “The Collapse of Christianity at World Vision” Several good articles, books, and sermons are linked to here: See also: James White’s debate with Justin Lee. James White’s respone to Matthew Vines. Michael … Continue reading

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Best engagement of our modern culture I have ever seen Douglas Wilson gave 2 lectures and took questions and answers.  Over 2 hours and 40 minutes. scroll down to see the 3 different videos. 1.  Sexual by Design – Creation sexuality 2.  Redemption Sexuality 3.  Questions and Answers Wilson … Continue reading

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To our Muslim friends, please watch all three and examine the evidence completely and fairly

1.  Debate: Is the Bible the Word of God?  James White Debate vs. Sheikh Awal – June 21, 2010 2.  The Dividing Line of March 20, 2014 Dr. White reviews part of his debate above.  Ijaz Ahmad and Sam Shamoun … Continue reading

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James White debates Yusuf Ismail on both the NT and the Qur’an

These debates took place in October of 2013 in South Africa. The Debate on the NT: The Debate on the Qur’an

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What happened to Paul Bilal Williams?

Here we go again.  Paul has gone into private mode on his blog, [Addendum: on March 22 or 23 (?) Paul brought his blog out of privacy mode.]  which he does from time to time. I have not been paying … Continue reading

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A great injustice done against a Christian by the gay agenda

From Denny Burk’s blog.  Denny writes: “I have written numerous times about the florist in Washington state who is being sued for her refusal to participate in a gay wedding. Her story in particular is really troubling. She has been … Continue reading

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The Jesus of Testimony

Richard Bauckham’s comments at the beginning are great.  The liberal 19 century theory of “The Jesus of history vs. the Christ of faith” argument has “collapsed.” See here for more details about this film and DVD.

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Glorify God by bearing fruit in union with Chirst, the true vine, by John Piper An excellent message by John Piper on John 15:1-11.  This is key for spiritual growth and sanctification and perseverance and serving the Lord in the power of the Holy Spirit.  To abide in Christ means “to stay”, “to continue”, … Continue reading

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