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Why the Qur’an cannot be the Word of God

An excellent article by Jonathan Mclatchie. Some of the Surah references don’t have the exact verse, but one can find them easily enough with google these days. Advertisements

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Context of Surah 2:79 is 2:78 and 2:75

Muslims charge the Christians and Jews with altering, changing, corrupting the text of the previous Scriptures.  (previous to the Qur’an)  Yet the Qur’an teaches that the previous Scriptures are not corrupted or changed.  (Surah 10:94; 5:46-48; 5:68) See here One … Continue reading

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Muslim argument defeated

To begin, this is an illogical argument because one can take any religious text and add or delete a verse from it. There’s no magical force field around the text itself. Stewjo004, a Muslim, and author of the article: “Corruption of … Continue reading

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Passages in the Old Testament that modern Jewish people say is about the Messiah

Note that none of the passages actually use the word, Messiah / Mashiach. Muslims, Jewish people, and even some liberal scholars claim that Isaiah 52:13-15 and 53:1-12 is not about the Messiah just because the word Messiah is not used … Continue reading

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Martin Hengel and R. T. France on the Gospel titles, κατα Μαθθαιον, κατα Μαρκον, κατα Λυκαν, κατα Ιωαννην

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Ibn Issam wrote: Sorry but Jesus did not “predict His own arrest, trials, crucifixion, death and resurrection several times.” The Gospels were written by unknown pseudepigraphal authors who were writing about the events after…

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Since they started learning our language, and challenging us in our mother tongue . . .

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Ahmed Deedat explains why he started his own Islamic Da’wa (Invitation) – his work of debating Christians and inviting people to Islam. Deedat recounts the author of the book, “Izharul Haqq”, ( اظهار الحق…

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What scholars and other skeptics and Muslim “apologists” (those who give Da’wa and defend Islam) ignore

As you listen, please open the Bible, and stop and read the passages and think about them: John 1:1-5 John 1:14 John 20:28 Dr. White makes a great point – “he said to him” – εἶπεν αὐτῷ – clearly “My … Continue reading

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