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10 Mis-conceptions about the NT Canon

An excellent 10 part series, by Dr. Michael Kruger:

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John 1:1 “. . . and the Word was God”

A person who goes by “patrobin” over at a Muslim blog (Paul Williams) asked: “Where does John 1:1 say Jesus is God?” Answer: in the third clause, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and … Continue reading

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Major fail by Dave Armstrong

This is a great quote by Cyril of Jerusalem, bishop from 348-386 AD, which teaches Sola Scriptura in principle: For concerning the divine and holy mysteries of the Faith, not even a casual statement must be delivered without the Holy … Continue reading

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Dr. White’s excellent analysis of William Lane Craig & Andy Stanley’s apologetic approach & analysis of Surah 9 in Islam

The article by Al Mohler mentioned and quoted from by Dr. White: See also these 2 excellent articles: (Related to the first half of the Program) Our Lord Jesus Christ’s View of the Old Testament Scriptures, by John … Continue reading

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Additional comments to the excellent Sola Scriptura series by Dr. White

Dr. White did an excellent 5 part series on Sola Scriptura recently.  I have been meaning to write more on this, but I have not found the time. John Samson has gathered them all together in one blog post. There … Continue reading

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Martin Luther and The Protestant Reformation

  2. Some Historical Context for the word, “Protestant” – at Triablogue, by John Bugay. 3.  Resources on the Reformation at Desiring  

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The New Testament claims to be revelation from God

Paul Williams, a convert to Islam, who claims to be a former Christian, which means he is an apostate (see Hebrews 3:12) wrote this: The evidence is simple: the New Testament does not claim to be Revelation from God. The … Continue reading

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