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Jerome’s Latin translation of “repent” as “do penance”, leading to unBiblical practices for centuries

Jerome’s Latin translation of the Greek metanoeo / μετανοεω was a mistake. The Latin was “do penance” and developed into doing external deeds that the priest said, like crawl up steps and say 100 hail Mary’s or give money to … Continue reading

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The Arrogance of liberal scholarship

An old Dividing Line podcast from 2005, with Dr. James R. White​ where the late Dr. Robert Funk, one of founders of the hyper-liberal, skeptical “Jesus Seminar” (with other liberal scholars like John Dominic Crossan and Marcus Borg), played clips … Continue reading

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The Real Issue About Roman Catholicism

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Pilgrim’s Media on Faith

A good analysis of saving faith in Jesus Christ.  The true faith of conversion that demonstrates the reality in application and change.  

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Resources on the book of Revelation

These are all from an Amillennial perspective, which I am trying to grasp better.  I was taught the Pre-Millennial, Pre-tribulational view as a young Christian; then later, in seminary, I came to the Post-Tribulational view of the Rapture (that the … Continue reading

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A Muslim says that God can sin and lie and fornicate!

Originally posted on Apologetics and Agape:
Is Jesus God Almighty Most High? James White vs. Shadid Lewis Part 1 Part 2 The cross examination period of James White asking Shadid Lewis questions is not there. (yet ?) In part 2,…

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“We will not bow”( down) by John MacArthur

Originally posted on Apologetics and Agape:
“We will not Bow” by John MacArthur ?

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Make War against your own sin

The music in this makes it really dramatic and effective, in my opinion.  Whoever came up with the music to go with this section of Piper’s sermon, well . . . did a good job. This section of the above … Continue reading

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