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The Jesus Film

The Jesus Film, which has been translated into many languages.  The first 8 minutes are an introduction based on Genesis and the prophets; and then the rest is all straight from the Gospel according to Luke.

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A one text sermon – John 1:12

This gentleman (J. A. Motyer, Old Testament scholar – pastor)  passed away today at the age of 91.  What a great message from John 1:12.  This was also the verse that was first told to me when I was 16 … Continue reading

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The Disappearing Middle Ground and the Coming Conflict, by Denny Burk   see also here, for analysis of Gushee’s article. and other article on the same issue.

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A Very Substantive Dividing Line Program

A very substantive Dividing Line by Dr. White, especially in responding to a Roman Catholic named Allan Ruhl on the RC priesthood, church history, and development of doctrine. Allan Ruhl’s article is here.   Dr. White also covered Mike Licona’s … Continue reading

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Debate: Islam and Dhimmitude

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For Muslims and other skeptics: The answer to the questions about injustice and evil in the world: The Incarnation and sufferings of Jesus the Messiah

A Muslim who goes by “Intellect” asked me this question, starting with a quote from Dr. James White: “Why can’t God take the form of a human without ceasing to be God and still remains as God?” -Dr. James White … Continue reading

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A Christian response to the Transgender phenomenon


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Philippians 2:5-11

Dr. White’s article on Philippians 2:5-11.  

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Dr. White responds to Dr. Mike Licona and issues of Inerrancy and the Gospels

Two other excellent articles on these issues:  

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Dr. White responds to William Lane Craig’s perspective on Roman Catholicism and the “Mere Christianity” paradigm  

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