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“Sola Scriptura”, the Canon, and Roman Catholicism

Dr. James White and Dr. Michael Kruger, President and Professor of New Testament, Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte, NC, discuss the issues of the NT Canon, Sola Scriptura, and Roman Catholicism. I don’t know why it starts where it does; so … Continue reading

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James White on the Dividing Line (May 8, 2014) – 1. Behold the secular woman and 2. William Lane Craig’s Molinism

First part, Dr. White discusses the young woman named Emily Lett, who made a video of her decision to have an abortion, her thoughts before and after the abortion. It does not show the abortion, or results of the abortion. … Continue reading

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Understanding Mormonism

Since Glenn Beck, a Mormon, spoke recently at Liberty University, it seemed especially appropriate to post this now. I had most of this ready in a draft for a while now. Denny Burk commented on Liberty allowing Beck to speak … Continue reading

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