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Islam could not get rid of the concept of sacrifice, ransom, or substitutionary atonement

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The Islamic sources could not completely get rid of the concept of sacrifice, ransom, or substitutionary atonement in their texts of the Qur’an nor Hadith collections, because it was so clearly taught in the…

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Balance of understanding the conflict within Islam today

1.  On the Islamic texts, history, and motivations of the brutal actions of ISIL / ISIS / IS 2.  Stay Balanced and don’t let anger over the evil of ISIS and Al Qaeda types lead you to condemn all … Continue reading

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Letting the Psalms shape your mind and emotions – John Piper – “Thinking and Feeling with God”

  At Desiring God:  Psalms:  Songs that Shape the heart and mind Reading this sermon is also very helpful. The first contrast is with the two spheres of influence on our souls.  The sphere of the world/culture around us, vs. … Continue reading

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