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Christian-Muslim Dialogue, Dr. White and Dr. Qadhi, Part 2

see part 1 here.

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Muslim-Christian Dialogue: Dr. James White and Dr. Yasir Qadhi

Dr. James White and Dr. Yasir Qadhi Dialogue from Grace Bible Church on Vimeo. Addendum: Since this was a dialogue, and not a debate, and they were under time restraints, and given the emotional tension/fear/prejudice on each side of our … Continue reading

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Muslim scholar Abdel Haleem agrees that the Qur’an does not teach that the text of the Previous Scriptures was corrupted

These quotes by this Muslim scholar, Muhammad Abdel Haleem, would affirm that Surah 5:47; 5:68; 10:94; 3:3-4; 2:136; 29:46 do not teach that the Christian Scriptures were corrupted in their written text; and that Surah 2:79, 3:78, and 5:13 refer … Continue reading

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