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Dr. White on Michael Brown’s podcast, with 2nd hour discussion with Robert Spencer   see at Dr. Brown’s web-site.

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Answering Sam Shamoun’s questions on 1 John & 2 John regarding the White/Qadhi dialogue Sam Shamoun HERE IS A QUESTION FOR JAMES WHITE AND ALL HIS FAN BOYS WHO SUBSCRIBE TO SOLA WHITIA (“SOLELY WHITE”), SO PAY ATTENTION. Notice the snarky “Fan Boys” and “Sola Whitia” bombast buzzwords that sinfully angry Shamoun has … Continue reading

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2 John 9-11 in light of the controversy over Dr. White’s outreach to Muslims

  Dr. White’s 2 part dialogue with a Muslim cleric, Dr. Yasir Qadhi, in January of 2017, was a good balance of both sound doctrine/standing on principle, AND real evangelistic outreach. ¬†Balance is key. (especially if anyone really knows Dr. … Continue reading

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On the Canon of Scripture, Papal Infallibility, & Development of Doctrine -old debate with Dave Armstrong

This is an old on-line debate (2010) I had with Roman Catholic Dave Armstrong. I had forgotten about this article by David Waltz that Dave A. was also referring to. ¬†It is very interesting to me to go back and … Continue reading

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Dr. White has been judged unfairly

I was surprised at how quick Brannon Howse, Usama Dakdok, and Shahram Hadian were to judge Dr. James White for his sincerely trying to reach out to Muslims by the 2-part Dialogue with Yasir Qadhi. (Howse, Dakdok, and Hadian on … Continue reading

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Dr. James White defended the doctrine of the Trinity in debate against Muslim Bassam Zawadi

Dr. James White clearly showed that the author of the Qur’an did not understand the doctrine of the Trinity. (see Qur’an Surah 5:72-75; 5:116; 6:101; 19:88-92; 112) Since the Qur’an came 500 + years later than the New Testament (The … Continue reading

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