Debate: Towhid vs. Trinity – Shabir Ally vs. Nabeel Qureshi

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Outlasting the Gay Revolution, Dr. James White and Dr. Michael Brown on the Dividing Line

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The Bible is Self-Authenticating

The Bible is Self-authenticating, by Michael J. Kruger

Be sure to listen to the lecture by the link to the audio; and also the written outline link.

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Seeds of the Reformation, by Jason Engwer

Seeds of the Reformation, by Jason Engwer

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The Doctrine of the Trinity in the New Testament

What the New Testament teaches about the Trinity:

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The goal of the law is relationship with Jesus Christ

Excellent messages by John Piper from Romans chapter 7.  This one is part 4.  Please listen to all 4 parts.  All of his messages are very good.  He has many that cover all the chapters and verses of the Book of Romans, explaining “the gospel of God”.

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Bart Ehrman and Tim McGrew debate the reliability of the Gospels

Part 1:

Part 2:

See also for some after the debate analysis:

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