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The defining Question about Sola Scriptura and Tradition

at the 1:03:48 mark: “Has the Roman Catholic Church infallibly defined a single word of Jesus or an apostle, that is not found in Scripture?”  Dr. James White to Mitch Pacwa “I cannot think of any.”  Mitch Pacwa This shows … Continue reading


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The Rule of Faith in the early church

Roman Catholic apologists like to emphasize the tradition of the early church, and claim that other unwritten oral apostolic traditions that Paul mentions in 2 Thessalonians 2:15, are brought out later in church history.  The problem is, the main early … Continue reading

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Unbelievers use other laws in Leviticus to get away from sin of homosexuality or to stop conversation

This is about 2 years old, but I forgot to work on it and publish it 2 years ago.  I just found it in my draft folder.   It is still useful for answers in evangelism with people, even though … Continue reading

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Reza Aslan helps Christians prove the death and resurrection of Jesus

Although Aslan has a lot of mistakes and problems, many times he has enough good material that helps Christian apologetics. For here in this short video, David Wood and Mike Licona discuss how what Reza writes in his book Zealot, … Continue reading

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Debate on the Trinity. James White vs. Adnan Rashid

  Adnan asked where in the early church fathers did they mention the Deity of the Holy Spirit?  Here are a couple of good quotes on that from Tertullian, who wrote this book, Against Praxeas, against what is called Modalism/Sabellianism … Continue reading

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Scholar Sidney Griffith uses a creative technique to try and save the Qur’an from embarressment

Paul Williams writes another article (against Sam Shamoun’s article that shows the Qur’an and Griffith is wrong) that uses Sidney H. Griffith’s book, The Bible in Arabic, to try and show that the Qur’an is aware of doctrinal Christianity at the … Continue reading

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Muslim scholar makes a mistake from church history and seems to dig his heels in when corrected

Paul Williams quoted from Dr. Jonathan Brown’s book, Misquoting Muhammad, where he makes a mistake and claims that “church fathers like Papias”,  “believed the Paraclete to be a human being, and not the Holy Spirit.”  Dr. Jonathan Brown is a … Continue reading

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Debate: The Qur’an’s view of the Previous Scriptures, Shabir Ally vs. David Wood

Besides the very clear presentation by David Wood that the Qur’an: Affirms/confirms مصدق the inspiration of the previous Scriptures – Surah 3:84, 2:136; 3:3-4 Affirms/confirms مصدق the preservation of the previous Scriptures – Surah 5:47; 10:94 (between the hands – … Continue reading

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