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In Islam, there is a lack of the holiness/justice of God, and a lack of the fullness of the love of God, since it denies the atonement of Christ

James White explains the gospel, in one of his debates with Sammy Zaatari.   ( I cannot figure out which debate this was from. It does not look like the 2 that I know about that are on the internet) … Continue reading

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Response to Shabir Ally and Paul Bilal Williams on the incarnation and atonement

Paul Bilal Williams has a video up of Shabir Ally questioning the doctrine of the incarnation and atonement and the Christian/ Biblical teaching that Christ, as the sinless Son of God, could die for our sins and forgive us.  [Paul … Continue reading

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The Result of a man-made religion with no love in God’s essence, no atonement, no concept of the Fatherhood of God

“In Islam, there is no fatherhood of God and no purpose of redemption  to soften the doctrine of the decrees.”  Samuel Zwemer, The Moslem Doctrine of God, page 100. (see link to Zwemer’s book) Samuel Zwemer was a great Reformed (Calvinist) … Continue reading


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Evolution vs. God

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The Prosperity Gospel is not the Gospel of Jesus Christ

The Prosperity Gospel or otherwise known as The Word of Faith movement Name it Claim it theology Health and Wealth Gospel – that God wants all believers to be rich and always healthy and never sick and that you should … Continue reading

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No Muslim can deal with Mark 10:23-27

Muslims cannot deal with Mark 10:23-27, nor the parallel in the Gospel according to Matthew 19, nor Mark 7 or Matthew 15. Muslims such as Paul Bilal Williams and Shabir Ally love to quote Mark 10:17-22, but they always leave … Continue reading

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