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The ongoing controversy about the special Revelatory – miracle type Spiritual Gifts for today

Wayne Grudem and Ian Hamilton debated in 2010 on the spiritual gift of prophesy for today. I agree with Ian Hamilton. I love Ian Hamilton’s opening statement at 14:51 – “I am a continuationist; um, I believe in the continuing, … Continue reading

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Debates on the Marian Dogmas

Dr. White recently (in May of 2017) debated Peter D. Williams on the Marian Dogmas: Dr. White debated Gerry Matatics on the Marian Dogmas years ago (1996):

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Main points of Daniel 9:24-27 in response to Muslim questions about forgiveness of sins and sacrifices in OT

Muslims are forced to question the atonement and the need for sacrifices for forgiveness of sins, because of Islam’s denial of it and the Qu’ran’s denial of the crucifixion, death, and atonement of the Messiah. (Surah 4:157) See discussion here.  … Continue reading

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James White vs. Adnan Rashid Debates

I watched these when they were first published by others in 2013; now Alpha & Omega Ministries has put them out.   Dr. White and Adnan Rashid have debated several times before and are also available on You Tube.  Debate … Continue reading

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Does 2 John 1:9-11 forbid hospitality outreach in our homes?

  Over at Triablogue, in an article about the Dr. White/ Dr. Qadhi “Inter-faith dialogue controversy and Dr. Qadhi’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood type of agenda: A Christian commenter who goes by “Royal Son” wrote: “We are not even supposed … Continue reading

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Early Church Fathers on Jesus Mike Licona’s article here is good.  I don’t agree with Licona with some things; but this is good.

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2 John 9-11 roundup

 James White’s excellent exegesis of 2 John 9-11 2.  Answering Sam Shamoun’s questions on 2 John 9-11 3.  My own initial exegesis of 2 John 9-11 in light of the current controversy. 4.  Recent Dividing line program from minute … Continue reading

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The Real God of American Christians?

Originally posted on Blogging Theology:
By their fruit you will recognize them. – Matthew 7:16. Take a look at a typical American Evangelical’s Facebook profile, what do you see? You’re sure to find pictures of Trump, the American flag, some…

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Are patriotic political Christians making the same mistake of idolatry and adding man-made traditions as early church did?

From at the other blog I blog at, “Beggars All Reformation and Apologetics” I am reposting this article I did back in 2009, with a new picture and updated links.  (both the old photo link was broken, and I felt … Continue reading

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Debate: Is Muhammad prophesied in the Bible?

Originally posted on Apologetics and Agape:
This is an excellent debate and I really appreciate the Muslims allowing a debate in their Mosque. (The East London Mosque, London, England)   This debate took place in 2012. Abdullah Al Andalousi did…

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