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Good books, articles on the Doctrine of the Trinity and the Deity of Christ

Some good books that are helpful in getting a grasp on the doctrine of the Trinity: The Forgotten Trinity, by James White Why You Should Believe in the Trinity, by Robert Bowman Delighting in the Trinity, by Michael Reeves Is … Continue reading

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Does the Qur’an Misrepresent the Trinity? Yes

James White did an excellent job vs. Bassam Zawadi, of showing that the Qur’an does misrepresent the doctrine of the Trinity and was totally ignorant of the doctrine, which also shows the Living God, the true “Allah” (Arabic = “The … Continue reading

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Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?

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The only full and revealed answer to suffering in this life

Originally posted on Apologetics and Agape:
I wrote this several years ago at another blog that I write (James Swan’s Beggars All Reformation and Apologetics. We don’t know all the answers for our questions about pain and suffering in this…

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Historical Theology from a Protestant Viewpoint, Dr. Nathan Busenitz

This is the first of 25 lectures on Historical Theology from the early church up to the Reformation.  I have not listened to them all, but jumped around some; and still have a long way to go.  Overall, it looks … Continue reading

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Pilgrim’s Media on Faith

A good analysis of saving faith in Jesus Christ.  The true faith of conversion that demonstrates the reality in application and change.  

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Does the Bible teach that there is only one God or many gods?

One God or many gods? at Triablogue Steve Hays provided an excellent quote by Bruce Waltke that refuted Peter Enns’ comment and some liberal theologians/commentators about “many gods”. Then I added some comments: (edited here a little for smoothness) Was … Continue reading

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15 Early Church Christians who used the word “Trinity” before 325 AD

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The True God, the Holy Trinity, is relational, and helps us understand our need for relationship.

Here is my response and interaction with an article at Triablogue: “Christianity is a relationship, not a religion.” Interesting. Why are relationship issues only a “feminine issue” ? or why is that “a rather feminine view of Christianity?” You are … Continue reading

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The God-centered Gospel by Michael Horton Here is a good portion of the article:  (go to the link to read the full article) One of the great places where this gets worked out in Reformed theology is the covenant of redemption. Also … Continue reading

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