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Response to Paul Williams on the Gospel according to Matthew

Muslims have to spend their energy trying to make the New Testament contradict within itself and use liberal scholarship like Bart Ehrman, James D. G. Dunn, Dale Martin, John Dominic Crossan, Christopher Tuckett, etc. – who are mostly warmed over … Continue reading

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Responses to Shabir Ally and Muslims who use liberal scholarship

I had meant to follow-up on these for years, (but forgot) as they all together are very useful to read carefully and think about, along with the DL below.  These are from October – November 2013 Blog articles and a … Continue reading

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Answering Muslim arguments about the Resurrection of Messiah Jesus and His crucifixion and death.

Be sure to watch all the videos in this post in order to understand my summary of issues. I have just quickly typed up the issues and hope to work on the details more later. Issues:  “heavenly vision” – Acts … Continue reading

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Alistair Begg on Mark 10 – the answer to Paul Williams’ constant mis-use of this passage

This is an excellent example of how to witness to people; and also the answer to the way many Muslims abuse this passage, especially Paul Williams. (see below)   see discussion at Paul Williams’ blog. See previous discussion about this … Continue reading

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John 1:1 “. . . and the Word was God”

A person who goes by “patrobin” over at a Muslim blog (Paul Williams) asked: “Where does John 1:1 say Jesus is God?” Answer: in the third clause, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and … Continue reading

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Muslims who ignore the context of a Bible book

Recently, Dr. White debated Zakir Hussein on the Crucifixion of Christ. See the video here at an earlier blog post. In the com boxes over at Paul Williams’ site, “Blogging Theology”, along with Zakir Hussein’s argument in his debate with … Continue reading

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Muslim scholar Abdel Haleem agrees that the Qur’an does not teach that the text of the Previous Scriptures was corrupted

These quotes by this Muslim scholar, Muhammad Abdel Haleem, would affirm that Surah 5:47; 5:68; 10:94; 3:3-4; 2:136; 29:46 do not teach that the Christian Scriptures were corrupted in their written text; and that Surah 2:79, 3:78, and 5:13 refer … Continue reading

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