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Musings on Steve Chalke’s statement that the Atonement of Christ was “cosmic child abuse”

From comments at a Muslim blog: It was always unjust for the heretic Steve Chalke to describe the atonement as “cosmic child abuse” and saying that is contradicts “God is love”, and that it makes a mockery of the … Continue reading

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Summary of Racial Reconciliation issues in the USA and the Church at large  

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For Muslims and other skeptics: The answer to the questions about injustice and evil in the world: The Incarnation and sufferings of Jesus the Messiah

A Muslim who goes by “Intellect” asked me this question, starting with a quote from Dr. James White: “Why can’t God take the form of a human without ceasing to be God and still remains as God?” -Dr. James White … Continue reading

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A cry for Justice: A Time for praying the imprecatory Psalms

By the group “sons of Korah” from Australia.   They have done a lot of the Psalms and their music is excellent and they keep very close to the text of Scripture.  This song covers Psalm 94:1-11. “play skillfully” – … Continue reading

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