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The Results of Liberal Theology Gerd Eva Cecilia Brunne (born 7 March 1954) is a bishop in the Church of Sweden. She became the Bishop of Stockholm in 2009. She is the first openly lesbian bishop of a mainstream church in the world and … Continue reading

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Who focuses on context?

Paul Williams exhorted me to look at Bassam Zawadi’s article here: Ken get yourself up to speed on the primary sources: here  (at Bassam Zawadi’s “Call to Monotheism”) Here is what I noticed about he treated Surah 2:79: Bassam Zawadi … Continue reading

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So, Why did Allah substitute an innocent animal in the place of Abraham’s son?

I wrote this several years ago (2010) at another blog, “Beggar’s All Reformation and Apologetics”, that is owned by James Swan.  I have updated it, and taken out one issue that I will write on in a separate article.  You … Continue reading

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The New Testament claims to be revelation from God

Paul Williams, a convert to Islam, who claims to be a former Christian, which means he is an apostate (see Hebrews 3:12) wrote this: The evidence is simple: the New Testament does not claim to be Revelation from God. The … Continue reading

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Sola Scriptura – Part 5

  Part 5 of Dr. White’s series on “Sola Scriptura”. See John Samson’s link with all 5 in one place.

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Hitler admired Islam

“Nazi theology” – chapter 11 in Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy, by Eric Metaxas Adolf Hitler said basically, as he rejected the Christian religion of the history of Germany: “Why couldn’t we Germans have a manly and warlike religion like … Continue reading

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Response to Ijaz Ahmad on textual variants issues and claims

Dr. James White did an excellent job of refuting a Muslim named Ijaz Ahmad; his claims about John 20:28 and 9:38. Even Paul Williams, another Muslim, wrote:  “James White demolishes textual corruption claims by Ijaz”   On John 9:38, this … Continue reading

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