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Augustine on the bondage of the will to sin

“But now, can that part of the human race to whom God hath promised deliverance and a place in the eternal Kingdom be restored through the merits of their own works? Of course not! For what good works could a … Continue reading

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The Overwhelming Historical Evidence defeats Islam

Excellent article by Dr. Mike Licona on the historical evidence for the crucifixion and death of Jesus, which defeats Islam and proves it is a false religion.

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Bart Ehrman: “The Doctrine of the Trinity is not based on one verse”. Muslim: “It’s not?!!”

A Muslim interviews Dr. Bart Ehrman.  The Muslim guy is shocked to learn from Bart Ehrman that the doctrine of the Trinity is not based on just one verse.   Ehrman says, “the doctrine of the Trinity is not based … Continue reading

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