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Irenaeus and the church at Rome in his day

Irenaeus was one of the most important church fathers of the second century, who was bishop of Lyon, France, (in Irenaeus’ day, called Lugdunum, Gaul) and who wrote around 180-200 AD, his famous work, Against Heresies, that was against Gnosticism … Continue reading

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“In Christ Alone”

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Socialism makes one more selfish, not Capitalism

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“We will not bow”( down) by John MacArthur

“We will not Bow” by John MacArthur  

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God’s Sovereignty and Human Responsibility


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Exposing the “Word of Faith” Prosperity Heretical Teachers

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Prayer to the True God

A great prayer to the True God of the Bible, the Holy Trinity: ┬áThe Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit; Three Persons in ONE GOD. Another Prayer, this time, in Song: A prayer to the Holy Spirit to work in … Continue reading

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